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FAQ Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 64847781
Catalog/Brochure Catalog ST PCS 7 T - SIMATIC PCS 7 Technology Components

Catalog, E86060-K4678-A141-A4-7600, E86060-K4678-A141-A4-7600

ID: 109745634
Product note Trainings for SIMATIC PCS 7

SITRAIN – Training for Industry – offers for SIMATIC PCS 7 a variety of training courses: Upgrade Workshop for experienced users of SIMATIC PCS 7 Basic and Advanced courses for SIMATIC PCS 7 for target groups: Beginners, Engineering, Project personnel, Comission...

ID: 63033286
Product note End of Production for CEMAT V5.x

Supply of the CEMAT V5.x systems has been discontinued as per October 01, 2007.   It is succeeded by the CEMAT V7.0 follow-up system based on SIMATIC PCS 7. ...

ID: 28050743
FAQ Why is the querying of the output control interface EVS of the installation driver not sufficient to determine whether a drive has stopped?

Description: EVS is designed as a link signal for interlocking with other drives or as a check-back signal to the path or to the group, and not as 'Motor running' signal. Therefore EVS=0 is possible, even if the associated motor is running, e.g. in on-site mode or in the case of a drive fault. ...

ID: 21899020
FAQ Cleartext for the error codes of the PLC-PLC connection in CEMAT V5

QUESTION:   What is the cleartext for the error codes of the PLC-PLC connection? ...

For products: 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 16643105
FAQ Languages for S5 PMC channels in connection with CEMAT

QUESTION: How do I clear the error message 'language not supported'? ANSWER:...

For products: 6DL543.-8..16-...., 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 18499517
FAQ Collection with frequently asked questions about CEMAT V4.x/V5.x


For products: 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 17558450
FAQ Problems opening CEMAT faceplates

QUESTION:   Why does an empty faceplate open in CEMAT V5? ANSWER:  ...

For products: 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 16770188
FAQ Error message when the alarm archive is opened – Entries are not visible

QUESTION:   Why is there an error message displayed when the alarm archive is opened, and there are no entries visible? ...

For products: 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 16772445
FAQ The receipt of failure doesn't work.

QUESTION:   Why is the S7 controller not given a receipt, when a failure is aknowledged  in the alarm line? ...

For products: 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 16738774
Product note CEMAT Version 5.04 now Available for Delivery

CEMAT, the specialized control system for the cement industry, is now available in the new version 5.04. CEMAT V5.04 is based on SIMATIC PCS 7 V6.0 SP1 with MS Windows 2000 operating system. Its functionality is largely the same as that of the predecessor version CEMAT V5.03 based on SIMATIC PCS ...

ID: 16701655
FAQ Using report of the CEMAT-group

QUESTION:   Why is no using report generated if the group is started at the interface 'GEBG'? ...

For products: 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 16715562
FAQ Acknowledgment of faults does not work

QUESTION:   Why, after acknowledgment, isn’t a fault displayed correctly in the alarm line in PCS 7 AS? ...

For products: 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 16644635
FAQ Change message upon change of controller setpoint value in CEMAT V5

QUESTION:   Why isn’t a change message generated when I change the setpoint value on the controller icon? ...

For products: 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 16626929
FAQ Trend picture display call via CEMAT faceplate button "Trend"

QUESTION:   Why doesn’t calling the trend picture work from the CEMAT faceplate? ...

For products: 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 16640054
FAQ Ratio controller with CEMAT V5 (SIMATIC PCS 7)

QUESTION:   How do you realize a ratio controller with CEMAT V5? ANSWER:  ...

For products: 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 16626925
FAQ Requirements for diagnostics with OSM

QUESTION: What are the requirements do the IP addresses have to fulfill to enable diagnostics of the OSMs. ...

ID: 16644636
FAQ The error display of the group fails

QUESTION:   Why is no error displayed on the group even though the subsidiary paths are disrupted? ...

For products: 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 16532933
FAQ Quit a group via the interface GQIT

QUESTION:   In CEMAT V5, why can't I quit via the interface GQIT, a group which is  disrupted by a drive? ...

For products: 6DL543.-8..15-....
ID: 16533262
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