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Product note Delivery Realse: SIMIT UNIT PB 2, SIMIT UNIT PN 128 and SIMIT UNIT PN 256

The SIMULATION UNIT PB 2 extends the product portfolio for simulation of field device in PROFIBUS besides the existing SIMIT UNITs PN 128 and 256 for simulating PROFINET field devices.

For products: 9AE4120-2AA00, 9AE4120-2AB00, 9AE4122-2AA00
ID: 109756881
Application example Integration and simulation of a SITOP 24 V Power Supply in SIMATIC PCS 7

The reliable 24V power supply is an important factor in high plant availability during the operation of SIMATIC PCS 7. You implement DC power supply of the automation technology using preferred SITOP power supply concepts for redundancy, buffering and selectivity. Further is it possible to monitor and operate it on the PCS 7-OS.

ID: 109481908
Product note Product discontinuation: SIMBA PROFIBUS and SIMBA PNIO

Due to the availability of components and the use of synergies, the devices SIMBA PROFIBUS and SIMBA PNIO have not been available since 30.09.2016.

ID: 109755513
FAQ Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 64847781
Manual Catalog ST PCS 7 T - SIMATIC PCS 7 Technology Components

Catalog, E86060-K4678-A141-A4-7600, E86060-K4678-A141-A4-7600

ID: 109745634
FAQ Why PROFIsafe Slaves behind a Y link and simulated with SIMIT Unit PB do not work?

SIMIT UNIT PB and Simulation UNIT PB support the simulation of PROFIsafe and redundancy at the same time.

For products: 9AE4120-2AA00, 9AE4120-2AB00, 9AE4122-2AA00
ID: 109755525
Certificate General Product Approval, UL, UL

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE (English) 20170313-E115352

ID: 109755560
Download SIMIT V9.1 Upd2 Patch1

An Update 2 Patch 1 for SIMIT V9.1 is available.

For products: 6DL5260-...68-....
ID: 109755509
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, EC/EU-Declaration of Conformity, Manufacturer

EU Declaration of Conformity for PROFINET Bus Analyzer (BANY)(German/English) Khe057-01/2018

ID: 109755403
FAQ What are the differences between using the SIMIT Virtual Controller and a real CPU?

The Virtual Controller (VC) makes it possible to run automation programs in MS Windows. However, you should note that there are a number of differences between the VC and a real CPU.

ID: 109742076
Download SIMIT UNIT PN/PB - Online help, change log and current software/firmware

The technical documentation, change logs and current software and firmware downloads for the SIMIT UNIT PN / PB at a glance.

For products: 9AE4120-2AA00, 9AE4120-2AB00, 9AE4122-2AA00
ID: 109746192
Manual SIMATIC SIMIT Simulation Platform (V9.1)

06/2017, Operating Manual, A5E41817536-AA

ID: 109750788
FAQ What do you have to consider when installing SIMIT V9.1 in a SIMATIC PCS 7 environment?

The installation of SIMIT V9.1 in combination with SIMATIC PCS 7 smaller V9.0 can lead to an inconsistent ES installation.

ID: 109750648
Application example SIMIT Simulation (Video)

The media system offers you comprehensive information, illustrative explanations and numerous general and technical videos on the topic of SIMIT Simulation.

ID: 101298066
Download Simulation software SIMIT V9.1

Simulation software SIMIT V9.1 incl. SIMIT Virtual Controller V9.1 is available.

ID: 109749459
Product note Sales and Delivery Release: Simulation Software SIMIT V9.1

Bringing products to the market faster and with consistently high quality requires an optimized engineering workflow in the automation and the shortest possible assembly and commissioning times for new production lines. SIMIT simulation software permits real-time simulation and emulation for comprehensive examination of automation solutions.

ID: 109749309
Download Simulation Unit – Online help, change log and current software/firmware

The English online help, change logs and current software and firmware downloads for the Simulation Unit PROFINET (PN) / PROFIBUS (PB) at a glance.

For products: 9AE4120-2AA00, 9AE4120-2AB00, 9AE4122-2AA00
ID: 109475344
Application example First steps with SIMIT Simulation and SIMATIC PCS 7

SIMIT is a simulation platform for virtual commissioning of the user software in automation systems. In doing so, SIMIT places a wide spectrum of the plant simulation at your disposal. Starting with simulation of input and output signals, through simulation of field equipment, to modeling of the overall process.

ID: 109746485
FAQ How do you import inputs and outputs with a shared-memory connection in SIMIT?

Using the open shared-memory connection in SIMIT you can import and use inputs and outputs from external sources. Import is released with SIMIT version V9.0 SP1.

ID: 109745820
FAQ What should you watch out for when upgrading to Simulation Unit V9.x?

When you uninstall Simulation Unit V8.x or SimbaPro, the OCX files used are also deleted, which might lead to errors with other software.

For products: 9AE4120-2AA00, 9AE4120-2AB00, 9AE4122-2AA00
ID: 109746062
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