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SITRANS T - Temperature measuring devices
Application example
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Application example Integration of a SIMATIC ET 200SP HA in TIA Portal

The SIMATIC ET 200SP HA offers a flexible, scalable and fault-tolerant distributed I/O system. You will learn how to integrate the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA into automation systems in TIA Portal, how to implement a cross-channel and channel-specific signal configuration in SIMATIC TIA Portal, as well as how to replace I/O modules while in operation (Hot Swap).

ID: 109801209
Application example SITRANS/SIPART device library for SIMIT Simulation Platform

We provide you with a library of device-specific simulation blocks from the SITRANS and SIPART device family. The simulation models simulate the behavior of the corresponding actuators and sensors in their most important properties, making them ideal for virtual commissioning of process plants.

ID: 109757452
Application example Remote access to a RTU3000C via SIMATIC PDM

With firmware V3.1 for the RTU3000C family, the connected sensors can be accessed via SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager). SIMATIC PDM is a manufacturer-neutral tool for project planning, configuration, diagnostics and maintenance of intelligent sensors and field devices. These are connected to the optional extension board HART/RS485 via Modbus RTU or HART to the RTU3000C.

ID: 109767945
Application example Configuring temperature acquisition using SITRANS TH300 in PCS 7 using the SITRANS Library

Use the entire range of functions of SITRANS field devices by using the SITRANS Library for PCS 7. The SITRANS Library contains special function and channel blocks that make it possible to read out device parameters from the SITRANS field devices. In the application example, we will describe how you integrate a SITRANS field device using a SITRANS measuring point.

ID: 109747401
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