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SITRANS F C - Coriolis flowmeters
Product note
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Product note SITRANS F C Coriolis flowmeters: Production delays for SITRANS F C portfolio

We are currently experiencing unexpected project delays in transferring the production and R&D of SITRANS FC Coriolis flowmeters to our new location in Haguenau, France, which has led to difficulties in complying with the confirmed lead times provided to our customers. As a result, we are also unable to confirm new orders reliably within the usual timeframe for responses.

ID: 109761412
Product note SITRANS F C Coriolis flowmeters: Release of SITRANS FCT030 wall mounting unit

This PI Product Note announces the release of the SITRANS FCT030 wall mounting Coriolis transmitter.

For products: 7ME460.-.....-...., 7ME481.-.....-....
ID: 109756435
Product note Sales Release SITRANS Library V8.0 Integration of SITRANS Field Devices in SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 SP1

ID: 109756765
Product note 3D models and installation drawings

3D models and installation drawings now collected in the Industry Image Database

ID: 109751367
Product note Type of protection "Non-sparking equipment – Ex nA"

ID: 109743596
Product note QR-Code on SITRANS field devices for device data

ID: 109477333
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