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Low-Voltage Systems
Product note
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Product note SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems

In the overview you will find all news, corrections and further links about the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems.

ID: 109808683
Product note Delivery Release: SIVACON S4 - VDE Approbation

The high quality of SIVACON S4 assemblies has been checked and confirmed according to IEC 61439-1/2 by an independet certifier. Therefore Siemens is very well experienced in developing power distribution boards an can look back to developing switchboards for 40 years.

ID: 109767387
Product note Delivery release: Cover Hinge for SIVACON S4 and ALPHA Universal

This new type is designed to fulfill high mechanical requirements when relatively heavy equipment needs to be installed onto covers (for example metering equipment).

For products: 8PQ2000-0BA08
ID: 109763123
Product note Delivery release: LED lights SIVACON 8MR

New versions of SIVACON 8MF/8MR system lighting are added to the portfolio.

ID: 109746201
Product note Product discontinuation: SIVACON S4 portfolio optimization

The successful launch of the new assembly kits 3VA is accompanied by declining numbers of the predecessor product 3VL. In order to ensure the increased demand for components of SIVACON S4, it is necessary for the production capacity to concentrate accordingly. Furthermore, a small portfolio optimization was conducted regarding the accessories.

ID: 109741874
Product note Delivery release – Release 4.0 – 3VA integration

For the SIVACON S4 power distribution boards, now assembly kits are available for the 3VA molded case circuit breakers. They are perfectly coordinated and type-verified according to IEC 61439-2. With the wide range of accessories, a vast array of applications can be implemented in industry, infrastructure and buildings.

ID: 109483800
Product note Delivery release: SIVACON 8MR 64 roof filter fans

The SIVACON 8MR 64 roof filter fans have a modern design. They have a low weight and are more cost saving due to the light synthetic material. They can be mounted very quickly and easily due to the snap-action mechanism, as well known from the standard filter fans.

ID: 109482456
Product note Bugs in SIMARIS configuration basic

Download of SIMARIS configuration basic is not available at the moment.

ID: 109481467
Product note Announcement Phase out: ALPHA 8HP molded plastic distribution system

The ALPHA 8HP molded plastic distribution system and accessory portfolio will be discontinued by June 30, 2016. There will be no successor system.

ID: 109479378
Product note Announcement Phase out SIVACON 8PV

For the SIVACON 8PV low-voltage switchboard the product phase out process has been started. Spare parts are available without restriction in type or quantity. ...

For products: 8PV5000-0VV01, 8PV5000-0VV00
ID: 107745920
Product note Copper drawings for 3NJ6 panel available

    The copper drawings for the 3NJ6 assembly kit to the main busbar are now available via Industry Mall / Service & Support Portal. ...

For products: 8PQ3000-1BA48
ID: 103622514
Product note Exportinformationen für Unavailability of few of the 8 HP product types onto the Global market except Germany

Following ALPHA 8HP product types are not available for export business. 8HP2021 8HP2022 8HP2032 8HP2027 8HP2047 8HP2023 8HP2024 8HP2001 8HP2002 8HP2012 8HP2003 8HP2004 Having said that these products are still available onto German Market. ...

ID: 103622978
Product note Announcement Phase out: SIRIUS MCU metal and soft starter 8PV5051

Beginning on August 1, 2014, the phase-out phase for the SIRIUS MCU motor starters in metal enclosures and the 8PV5051 soft starters will be in effect. ...

ID: 99411720
Product note Product discontinuation: SIVACON S4 copper raw material

On 01.10.2014 with the new fiscal year change all copper raw materials will be phased out. The SIMARIS configuration software will be updated for supporting the calculation of raw materials. ...

ID: 98751530
Product note SIVACON S4: Product update of IP40 rear panels

    As part of the pending circuit breaker integration within the SIVACON S4 series, the IP40 rear panels have been optimized in terms of ventilation. ...

ID: 91689173
Product note SIKUS 1600 power distribution boards: Product update of IP40 rear panels

  As part of the pending device integration, the rear panels on the SIKUS 1600 power distribution boards have been integrated in terms of ventilation.    SIKUS_1600_-_Product_update_back_panel.pdf ( 73 KB ) ...

ID: 91689360
Product note Product discontinuation: CD-K lighting busbar system

As previously announced, most components of the CD-K lighting busbar system have been discontinued as of 10/01/2013. Note: Spare parts are available only within the warrenty period. ...

ID: 87669369
Product note Delivery release: new generation of SIVACON sicube 8MF1 empty control cabinet enclosures

  The new generation of SIVACON sicube 8MF1 empty control cabinet enclosures is now available for deliveries. With its modular design, the empty control cabinet enclosures can be individually configured and, wherever needed, ordered as a pre-assembled control cabinet. ...

ID: 85014857
Product note Catalog: SIVACON S4 LV56 (German): update

An update of the SIVACON S4 LV56 catalog (German) is now available as a PDF file. In this version the packaging quantity has been added. Target market: SIVACON S4 is sold world wide (except Germany = SIKUS 1600) ...

For products: 8PQ1000-0BA03
ID: 83110147
Product note SIVACON S4 product update: cover frame for main busbar

The cover frame for inner covers is fully compatible to the main busbar shrouds (form of internal separation 2b) now. Now these parts working together without demounting the front part. Please follow up the updated mounting instructions. ...

ID: 82461007
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