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SINAMICS G120D Distributed Frequency Inverters
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Product note SINAMICS technical documentation

Irrespective of the particular application, whether you require online help for a specific machine message when operating a product, you wish to take the time and get to know a product or you wish to compile documentation for your own individual purposes: With us, you can find the current editions of technical documentation electronically, on data carrier and printed out.

ID: 108993276
Application example SIMATIC - Failsafe library LDrvSafe to control the Safety Integrated functions of the SINAMICS drive family

The library includes fail-safe SIMATIC S7 blocks to implement various Safety applications in conjunction with a S7-1200F, 1500F and SINAMICS drives coupled through PROFIsafe.

ID: 109485794
FAQ SINAMICS G: Currently available firmware releases and the upgrade/downgrade options

Summary SINAMICS G inverters are supplied ready to use. The functionality of the devices offered depends on the installed firmware version. Most of the inverters have loadable firmware versions and can be upgraded as required.

ID: 67364620
FAQ Why, with GSDML files for SINAMICS drives, is the "Hardware interrupt triggers" field displayed with the selection box for hardware interrupt OBs?

The SINAMICS drives do not support hardware interrupts. The "Hardware interrupt triggers" field is displayed by STEP 7 also with SINAMICS drives, but it has no function.

ID: 109758575
Application example SINAMICS Positioning a G110M/G120 (Startdrive) with S7-1500 (TO) via PROFINET/PROFIBUS with Safety Integrated and HMI

This application example shows how to configure the positioning function of a SIMATIC S7-1500 and offers a HMI to test the functions.

ID: 81666970
FAQ Placement of Siemens Eplan macros with placeholder objects

This FAQ describes how to use Siemens Eplan macros with placeholder objects in Eplan electric P8.

ID: 109758230
Application example SINAMICS G: Retrieving status messages with VPN connections

A VPN connection (virtual private network) allows you to access an automation system from anywhere.

ID: 109746858
Application example SINAMICS G: Speed Control of a G110M / G120 (Startdrive) with S7-1500 (TO) via PROFINET or PROFIBUS with Safety Integrated (via Terminal) and HMI

SIMATIC S7-1500 CPUs support the connection of PROFIdrive-capable drives via PROFINET or PROFIBUS as a speed axis or positioning axis.

ID: 78788716
FAQ SINAMICS S120: Use of the Web License Manager

Certain function expansions of the SINAMICS converter family are covered by licenses. If you have one of these functions but have not activated the relevant license, this is requested via alarm or fault numbers (A….; F….).

ID: 92993394
Certificate Test Certificates, UL, UL

CERT I F ICAT E OF COMP L IANCE 20141127-E121068

ID: 109758334
Certificate Functional Safety/Safety of Machinery, Manufacturer Declaration, Manufacturer

Safety Manufacturers Declaration 668.DCOBE0318.40.034

ID: 38498421
Application example SINAMICS, SIMOGEAR, SIMATIC: Lift for Automotive Industry

Task Lifts are used in the automotive industry to move the car bodies between different levels. The lift can be equipped with a skid conveyor or an electric monorail system. Present belt lifts run the position in the drive to relief the PLC. To increase energy efficiency, drives with energy recov...

ID: 102950703
FAQ Which PROFINET nodes support automatic commissioning (device replacement without interchangeable medium) with topological configuration and device replacement without topological configuration?

Automatic commissioning (device replacement without interchangeable medium) with topological configuration and device replacement without topological configuration?

ID: 36752540
Download SINAMICS firmware version 4.7 SP10 HF1 for SINAMICS G120 (CU240B/E-2, CU250S-2), G120P (CU230P-2), G120C, G120D (CU240D-2, CU250D-2), G110M and SIMATIC ET200pro FC-2 products

In this entry you will find the download as well as the ordering information for SINAMICS G120 multicard with version V4.7 SP10 HF1.

ID: 109756820
Product note SINAMICS G120: Sales and delivery release for firmware version 4.7 SP10 HF1

Effective immediately, SINAMICS G120 firmware version 4.7 SP10 HF1 is released for sales and general delivery.

ID: 109755811
Certificate Functional Safety/Safety of Machinery, SIL-Declaration of conformity, TÜV (technischer Überwachungsverein)

Safety Certificate Z10-17-07-59719-024

ID: 68812830
Certificate Test Certificates, UL, UL


ID: 109756604
Application example SINAMICS, SIMOTION, SINUMERIK, SIMOTICS: Safety functions PFH/PFD - values

In accordance with IEC 61508, IEC61511, IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1, failure probabilities in the form of a PFH/PFD value (Probability of Failure per Hour/ Probability of Failure on Demand) have to be indicated for safety functions.

ID: 76254308
Application example Speed control of a SINAMICS drive with a SIMATIC S7-1500 via MODBUS

Description of communication with MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP.

ID: 35928944
Certificate PROFIBUS-Certification, Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO)

PROFIsafe Certificat Z20074

ID: 109737302
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