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Application example SIMOTION, SIMATIC: Communication Library LCom for Ethernet Communication

In the field of automation, the TCP protocol based on Industrial Ethernet is typically deployed for safe, time non-critical (> 25 ms) and multi-system communication.

ID: 48955385
Application example SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500 and SIMOTION: Acyclic Data Exchange

The standard libraries LAcycCom for SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500 and LDPV1 for SIMOTION provide a collision-free coordination of communication resources in the CPU for acyclic data exchange via DPV1 services. Therefore the corresponding functions in these libraries have to be used in the application instead of the existing system functions for the communication with external devices.

ID: 109479553
Application example SIMOTION ProjectGenerator easyProject

The ProjectGenerator can be used to quickly and easily create SIMOTION SCOUT (STEP 7 V5.x) projects. This includes SIMOTION CPUs, SINAMICS topologies, configuration and interconnection of technology objects and handling of software modules according to machine equipment modules. Also libraries and modules in existing projects can be updated.

ID: 51339107
Application example SIMATIC/SIMOTION Virtual Commissioning with Hardware in the Loop

To lower risks and effort of the real commissioning of a machine, virtual commissioning is an efficient alternative. This application example describes how to build up a hardware in the loop scenario with a SIMOTION or SIMATIC controller. Using NX MCD, SIMIT and SIMIT Unit you can virtually commission your machine.

ID: 109758739
Application example SIMATIC/SIMOTION Intelligent Belt - Multi Belt Control

The Intelligent Belt application (multi belt control) can be used to pick up sequentially arriving products and to provide them grouped at an unloading position. The most important feature is that loading and unloading are independently performed.

ID: 48812744
Application example SIMOTION: Modular machine library LMoMa

By means of the application it is possible to modify the topology of a SINAMICS drive system at runtime.

For products: 6AU1..
ID: 58251583
Application example SIMOTION IT Application Frame

The SIMOTION IT Application frame is a user defined web page for the SIMOTION web server. It provides a navigation structure for application websites.

For products: 6AU1..
ID: 109748953
Application example SIMATIC/SIMOTION Weihenstephan Standards

This application supports in integrating the Weihenstephan Standards into SIMATIC controllers and the motion control system SIMOTION. The Weihenstephan Standards (WS) define a universal communication interface for connecting machines to higher level data acquisition systems or MES (Manufacturing Execution systems). They also define the data which must be provided for acquisition.

ID: 109475571
Application example SIMATIC Library LPrintMark - Print Mark Acquisition with TO Measuring Input

The blocks of the present library support the user in acquiring print marks via the technology object measuring input in the automation system SIMATIC S7-1500 or SIMATIC S7-1500T.

ID: 109475573
Application example SIMOTION LDrivers

This standard library supports the user in connecting various decentralized periphery like code readers, weighing, units and printers to SIMOTION controllers.

For products: 6AU1..
ID: 99006449
ID: 97672451
Application example SIMOTION code reading

Task A use case for the identification and tracking of products is the reading of data matrix codes and bar codes. The read product information can be used, for example, for sorting out scrap products. ...

ID: 70987439
Application example SIMOTION energy measurement

Problem Due to increased and raised awareness of the end customers with regards to the energy consumption of their machines, detailed consumption analyses are a requirement. ...

ID: 55422332
FAQ CCC certificate for the export to China

QUESTION: How can I determine whether a CCC certificate is required for exports to China? ...

ID: 46382761
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