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Before installing new firmware for RUGGEDCOM ROS, it is recommended to verify the hash checksum. This document describes methods for verifying the hash checksum and lists the hash checksums for all ROS devices and releases.

ID: 109779935
FAQ Which NAT scenarios can you realize with SCALANCE SC-600 / M-800 / S615?

By supporting the NAT function, the SCALANCE modules can be used to protect different network topologies and flexibly implement security concepts.

ID: 109744660
FAQ Which PLUG types are available and with which devices can they be used?

Various PLUGs are available for SIMATIC NET products. The following table gives an overview of functions and compatibility.

ID: 24030688
FAQ In which country is my mobile telephone device (GSM/EDGE/UMTS/LTE) approved?

The current list of mobile telephone approvals is available at the link below.

ID: 91438171
FAQ Which licenses can you use for new SIMATIC NET PC software?

Up to and including the SIMATIC NET CD Edition 2005+HF1 (V6.3) it was possible to order the SIMATIC NET CD separately as an upgrade without the SIMATC NET license key in order to upgrade the SIMATIC NET PC software. Here, old SIMATIC NET license keys were accepted by new SIMATIC NET PC software, so that they could continue to be used.

ID: 22090049

The RUGGEDCOM accessories portfolio includes a wide range of Fast Ethernet small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers for select RUGGEDCOM routers and switches

ID: 109773040
FAQ Which information does Technical Support need regarding inquiries about SCALANCE products?

In order to have the Technical Support answer a service request precisely and quickly, a description as precise as possible of the unclear issue is necessary. Below is a list of the information required by the Technical Support for inquiries about SCALANCE products.

ID: 109738574
FAQ Settings of the ports for secure VPN connections with SINEMA Remote Connect

To enable a secured VPN connection you have to set up a port release on the VPN client side (connection to the internet) and port forwarding on the VPN server side (ports used in the server).

ID: 109745584
FAQ What do you have to configure in the Industrial Security Appliance to access the internet from the internal network with a PG/PC?

You have to make the following settings in the Industrial Security Appliance to access the internet with a PG/PC and internet router via a SCALANCE S615 or SCALANCE SC-600.

ID: 26517928
FAQ How do you forward the encoded data packages from the VPN tunnel to specific internal nodes only?

Using the Industrial Security Appliances SCALANCE S615 and SCALANCE SC-600 you can connect networks with each other via a VPN tunnel. With additional firewall rules you can forward the data traffic to specific internal nodes only.

ID: 24533873
FAQ Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) – List for RUGGEDCOM Products

Mean Time Between Failures = MTBF = Time between two consecutive failures of a component.

ID: 109479200
FAQ How to Implement Secure, Unattended Logging in ROS

This document describes a shell script that implements secure, unattended logging from RUGGEDCOM ROS v4.3 and ROS v4.2.2.F (or higher).

ID: 109756843
FAQ Industrial Security Quantity Framework Limits

The table lists the quantity frameworks for the TIA Portal and for the SCALANCE M-800, SC-600 and S615 modules.

ID: 58217657
FAQ How do you download the 3D, CAx and ePLAN data for the SIMATIC products?

You can use the CAx download manager to access the latest product data for your CAD or CAE system.

ID: 89671877
FAQ How to Control Bidirectional Traffic when Using Port Mirroring

For RUGGEDCOM ROS and RUGGEDCOM ROXII. This document details how to configure port mirroring and ingress filtering to control traffic flow to different ports.

ID: 109759351
FAQ How to Reset Passwords

This FAQ describes how to recover a RUGGEDCOM ROS device in the unlikely event that the password has been lost or forgotten.

ID: 109738242
FAQ Why can the SINEMA Remote Connect Client not connect with the SINEMA Remote Connect Server?

For the SINEMA Remote Connect Client V1.0 SP2 to be able to connect to the SINEMA Remote Connect Server certain system requirements and quantity frameworks have to be respected. You must also set up a port release in the SINEMA Remote Connect Client.

ID: 109747634
FAQ What should you watch out for when loading the program of a CPU S7-1500 SIPLUS online to a SIMATIC memory card?

A CPU S7-1500 Standard (6ES7*) of the same type must first be loaded on the SIMATIC memory card.

ID: 109746261
FAQ How do you move a SINEMA Remote Connect Server via a backup copy if the network environment does not change?

A new server (new hardware or new VMware image with identical configuration and network settings) is to be set. For this you can create backup copies of your SINEMA Remote Connect Server and reload them as required or import them into a different system. The backup copies contain only the system settings, but no information about the network configuration.

ID: 109748144
FAQ How do you configure a SIPLUS extreme component with the TIA Portal?

You have a SIPLUS extreme component for extreme environmental conditions with article number (6AG1*) and you want to configure this with STEP 7 (TIA Portal).

ID: 109746275
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