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Easy Motion Control
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Catalog/Brochure Catalog - ST 80/ST PC: Human Machine Interface Systems/PC-based Automation

2021, Catalog

ID: 109744146
Catalog/Brochure Catalog ST 70: Products for Totally Integrated Automation-SIMATIC

2021, Catalog

ID: 109744167
FAQ How do you reduce the following error when using Easy Motion Control and SINAMICS and increase the dynamics through precontrol?

Easy Motion Control itself does not provide precontrol, but you can manually add a precontrol and in this way reduce the following error and increase the dynamics.

ID: 90063734
Product note Easy Motion Control integrated into STEP 7 from V13 (TIA Portal)

The option package Easy Motion Control for the positioning of individual axes with SIMATIC function blocks will be part of STEP 7 starting with V13. ...

ID: 89466546
Product note Easy Motion Control V12 for STEP 7 V12 SP1 (TIA-Portal) Now Available

The Easy Motion Control optional package for position control of single axes with SIMATIC function blocks is now also available in version V12 for STEP 7 V12 SP1 (TIA Portal).   ...

ID: 79170701
Download Easy Motion Control V12 (TIA Portal) Trial Download

DESCRIPTION: As a registered customer you can download and test the Trial Version of SIMATIC STEP 7 Easy Motion Control V12 for 21 days.   ...

ID: 68669869
Product note Easy Motion Control V2.1 SP2 with Windows 7 64-bit Support

  With Service Pack 2, Easy Motion Control V2.1 now supports Windows 7 in the 32 and 64-bit versions. The new version can be ordered under the existing order number 6ES7864-0AC01-0YX0. ...

For products: 6ES7864-0AC01-0YX0, 6ES7864-0AF01-0YX0
ID: 68669870
Download EMC input and output drivers for SINAMICS and IM174

Description Easy Motion Control (EMC) includes a number of input drivers for reading in locators and output drivers for triggering drives. Until now there were no driver blocks available for SINAMICS drives and for the Interface Module IM174, so that the universal driver blocks had to be used. ...

For products: 6ES7864-0AC01-0YX0, 6ES7864-0AF01-0YX0
ID: 40787611
Product note Easy Motion Control V11 for STEP 7 V11 (TIA Portal)

The Easy Motion Control optional package for position control of single axes with SIMATIC function blocks is now also available in version V11 for STEP 7 V11 (TIA Portal). ...

ID: 58687269
FAQ What should you watch out for when using Easy Motion Control in conjunction with data types of the UDT 2 type?

Description A data type UDT2 is listed and reserved in the Properties of the motion blocks of Easy Motion Control (MC_MoveAbsolute, MC_Moverelative,..., for example). For this reason, no user-defined UDT2 data type may be used in this this project. This would lead to error messages and inconsistencies in the project. If such a UDT2 data type is used, the UDT must be renamed. As UDT3, for example. ...

For products: 6ES7864-0AC01-0YX0
ID: 49507276
Product note Service Pack 1 for Easy Motion Control V2.1

Easy Motion Control V2.1 SP1 now supports PROFINET. Service Pack 1 for  Easy Motion Control V2.1 is now available and can be downloaded free of charge (see entry ID 37421795). ...

ID: 37417343
Download Service Pack 1 for Easy Motion Control V2.1

DESCRIPTION: Download of Service Pack 1 for Easy Motion Control V2.1. Installation requirements: STEP7 V5.4 + Service Pack 4 (or higher) ...

ID: 37421795
FAQ Which Easy Motion Control output driver do you use for controlled positioning of suspended loads when using a Micromaster 4 with slotted DP options module?

Configuration Notes: For the Micromaster 4 converter series you normally used the EMC output driver 'OutputMM4_DP (FB 37)' for controlled positioning activated via PROFIBUS. However, this is not suitable for hanging loads or pretensioned loads, because when the converter is switched off, it removes not only the ON/OFF1 bit (bit 0 in STW 1), but also immediately the pulse enable bit (bit 3 in STW 1). Thus a hanging load might no longer be able to be h ...

ID: 24625227
FAQ What does resetting the input ON on the FB37 OutputMM4_DP do to the MICROMASTER 4 connected?

Description: The MICROMASTER provides the parameter option for OFF1 of keeping the pulses present for a certain period of time (P2168). ...

ID: 22283645
FAQ In which hardware environment can you use Easy Motion Control?

Configuration Notes: Beside the options with S7-300/400 CPUs and the matching interface modules described in the manual, you also have the following options: ET200S IM151 CPU with 1 SSI or 1 COUNT and analog outputs 2 AO Connect MICROMASTER 4 via PROFIBUS DP ...

ID: 22282548
FAQ How should you incorporate the ET200S 1 Count technology modules in HW Config when they are implemented with Easy Motion Control?

Description: The ET200S technology modules 1 Count 24V/100kHz (order number 6ES7 138-4DA04-0AB0) and 1 Count 5V/500kHz (order number 6ES7 138-4DE02-0AB0) have an extended I/O user data interface (see number of I/O addresses reserved in the following figure, on Slot 1 a 6ES7 138-4DA03-0AB0  and on Slot 2 a 6ES7 138-4DA04-0AB0 ). ...

ID: 22287882
Application example Easy Motion Control : Closed-Loop Controlled Positioning of an Axis with S7 300 CPU 314C-2 DP, MICROMASTER 440 and SIMATIC Easy Motion Control

ID: 21669390
Application example PC-based Automation: Positioning with WinAC RTX, Easy Motion Control and MICROMASTER 4xx

Problem This application shows how to realize a position control for an asynchronous motor using a WinAC RTX controller. ...

ID: 21004767
FAQ Easy Motion Control V2.0 and CPU314C

QUESTION: How does Easy Motion Control V2.0 use the 'ON-Board' I/O of a CPU 314C? ...

ID: 11736675
FAQ Easy Motion Control V2.0 and MICROMASTER with DP module

QUESTION: Why can I not acknowledge the group error 'STOP status. Must be acknowledged' although no other error is present? ...

ID: 17845182
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