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Devices with Stainless Steel Front
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Certificate Marine / Shipping, LR (Lloyds Register), LR (Lloyds Register)

Lloyd's Register (LR) Type Certificate A5E39383254A-002

ID: 109744110
Certificate Marine / Shipping, BV / Bureau Veritas, BV (Bureau Veritas)

BV-Appoval, Bureau Veritas Marine Branch (BV) , SIMATIC Box PC IPC227D, IPC227E, IPC427E; SIMATIC Industrial Panel PC IPC277D, IPC277E, IPC477E, IPC477E PRO (English) 27921/B1 BV (2019)

ID: 60670566
Product note Product information Simatic IPC227E / IPC277E: Processor stepping migration

Intel is changing the CPU stepping version from C0 to D1 in the Bay Trail processors used in the Simatic IPC227E and IPC277E.

ID: 109765025
Application example Connection between software controller and WinCC V7 via Windows network

Establish an HMI connection between a SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller and SIMATIC WinCC V7.4 SP1.

ID: 109763254
FAQ Why does the reboot of an IPC227E or an IPC277E fail under Linux?

With certain versions of the Linux kernel, when used on SIMATIC IPC277E ("Nanobox") and IPC277E ("Nanopanel") PCs, there are problems during rebooting because of the installed Intel "Bay Trail" processors. These cause the computer to freeze during rebooting and no longer respond.

ID: 109760481
Application example Industrial Thin Client - configuration examples (remote access with terminal devices)

Different scenarios for using SIMATIC ITCs are explained. The ITC V3 supports the protocols RDP, VNC and Sm@rtServer, as well as the HTTP with an integrated HTML5 web browser. Because of the numerous possibilities for remote access and the easy operation, the devices are ideal for any terminal application and maintenance tasks (also Intel AMT).

ID: 109758315
FAQ Which SIMATIC HMI operator panels does Siemens currently offer for hazardous areas with potentially explosive atmosphere (Ex2/22)?

SIMATIC HMI operator panels available for hazardous areas with potentially explosive atmosphere (Ex2/22)

ID: 291285
Manual SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels and ITC

07/2018, Product Information, A5E31228441-AD

ID: 64847814
Product note Supplement for Delivery Release IPC277E 19" INOX PRO

The IPC277E INOX PRO are designed without operator controls and emergency stop buttons and now have all planned approvals and certificates, in particular ATEX 2/22 certification (see Technical specifications).

For products: 6AV7484-5AB00-0AA0, 6AV7484-5AB10-0AA0
ID: 109758530
Product note Delivery release for INOX Comfort Panels and IFP INOX with glass front

With immediate effect, selected HMI devices with glass front and high degree of protection IP69K have been released for sales and delivery to meet the challenging requirements arising in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The range of Panels and Panel PCs with stainless steel front for hygienic areas is being expanded by the following products:

ID: 109758153
ID: 109737982
Certificate For use in hazardous locations, UL, UL

Online Certification Directoy (Kanada), Link: NRAG7.E222109: Programmable Controllers for Use in Hazardous Locations Certifies for Canada, S7-300/1500, ET 200M/MP/S/SP, C7, Operator/Comfort Panel Series UL-File: NRAG7.E222109

ID: 18968776
Certificate For use in hazardous locations, UL, UL

UL: NRAG7_E223122 Canada , Link: Online Certification Directory, Programmable Controllers for Use in Hazardous Locations (S7-300, S7-400, S7-1500, ET 200M/SP/PA SMART, IPC227E, IPC 427D, 477D, 627C, 677C, SIMATIC Net ..) UL Canada HazLoc: NRAG7.E223122

ID: 19269170
Manual SIMATIC HMI devices IFP2200 INOX MT ETH

03/2018, Compact Operating Instructions, A5E42185570-AA

For products: 6AV7485-6BE00-0AA0
ID: 109757795
ID: 109741448
Certificate For use in hazardous locations, Explosion Protection Certificate, DEKRA EXAM, DMT

INOX Comfort Panel DEKRA-ATEX EU-Type examination Issue 3 DEKRA15ATEX0074X/03

ID: 109754180
Certificate For use in hazardous locations, IECEx, DEKRA EXAM, DMT

CA-HMI INOX Comfort Panels IECEx Certificate of Conformity Issue 2 A5E43407200A-002

ID: 109754178
ID: 109752621
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