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PG/PC Interface Settings
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FAQ Menu item 'Set PG/PC interface' missing in the SIMATIC Manager

Why is the menu item "Set PG/PC interface" missing under "Tools" in the SIMATIC Manager?... In PCS7version V4.x and higher there is the menu item "Set PG/PC interface" under "Tools" in the SIMATIC Manager.... You have opened the SIMATIC Manager and the menu item "Set PG/PC interface" is missing under "Tools".... The entry "Set PG/PC interface" is now available.... The value "Standard" must be set on "C:\Windows\System32\s7epatsx.exe"... Furthermore, these settings are computer-specific.... This means that when copying the project to another computer, the settings have to be made again.

ID: 1885957
FAQ How do you do an operating system update on operator panels or perform a 'Reset to factory settings'?

Set the PG/PC interface... In the SIMATIC Manager, ... menu command "Tools > Set PG/PC Interface".... For the "Reset to factory settings" function, the only setting you have to make in the PG/PC interface is for the transfer ... "Ethernet" (see section 1.3).... Set the interface parameters used to "TCP/IP ... Your network card".... Connect the operator panel to the PG/PC with an appropriate connection cable 6.... Connect the operator panel and the PG/PC using an Ethernet ... or patch cable).... Notes If you ... to the factory settings, you cannot ... connections and cables.... Before resetting your ... to the factory settings, make sure ... the operator panel.... Make transfer settings on the operator panel:

ID: 19701610
FAQ How do you generally parameterize the PG/PC interface and how do you ensure that the device driver can be selected and is visible?

In the SIMATIC Manager you open the "Set PG/PC interface..."... dialog by going to "Options > Set PG/PC interface..."... Note We recommend that for open ... drivers in conjunction with the "Set PG/PC interface" function you send a Support ... to the Siemens Technical Support.... If you select an interface with automatic recognition of the ... example), you can connect the PG/PC to MPI or PROFIBUS without having to set the bus parameters.... General procedure for parameterizing the PG/PC interface... After installing the STEP 7 ... might happen that in the PG/PC interface a network card, TCP/IP Broadcom ... displayed in the selection window.... If there are no entries ... is not available in the PG/PC interface

ID: 11870489
FAQ Why is communication between the Runtime simulation and the S7-1200/S7-1500 not possible if the PG/PC interface is not set correctly?

In the Control Panel, you open the "Set PG/PC Interface" dialog.... Description If the setting in the PG/PC interface does not match the proper TCP/IP interface, communication between the ... is not possible.... Note The "TCP/IP(Auto)" setting in the PG/PC interface cannot be set in administrated networks ... Host Configuration Protocol).... 11870489 provides more ... on parameterizing the PG/PC interface and on the following topics:... Adding and installing more interfaces... Under "Interface Parameter Assignment Used", mark the interface "Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet TCPIP.... All functions like ... Runtime simulation cannot set up a connection to the controller.

ID: 38717202
FAQ The 'PC/PPI Cable (PPI)' interface cannot be installed in 'Set PG/PC interface'

Why can't I install the "PC/PPI Cable (PPI)" interface in "Set PG/PC interface"?... Now you want to add the "PC/PPI Cable (PPI)" interface via "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Set PG/PC interface > Install".... But it is not possible to insert the interface... Interface parameterization

ID: 8722972
FAQ How do you do a 'Reset to factory settings' on an MP 377 operator panel?

Procedure for setting the PG/PC interface... In the "Start > Control panel" menu on the configuration PC you select the "Set PG/PC interface" command.... Have the MAC address of you operator panel's Ethernet interface ready.... In the "Interface Parameter Assignment Used:"... area you select the interface connected to the operator panel.... Below is a description of how to execute an "Update OS" for the MP 377 operator panel with the option "Reset to factory settings".... Procedure for resetting to factory settings... Do not use any dynamic IP configuration for "Reset to factory settings".

ID: 35677293
FAQ 'Fatal Error : Can't load s7epatdx.cpl' when opening 'Set PG/PC interface'

The entry in the system control for "Set PG/PC interface" is not available.... When I open "Set PG/PC interface", I get the message "Fatal Error ... If the mfc42.dll has the version number 4.2.7303, then the entry for PG/PC interface is not made in the system control and you get the aforementioned error message.

ID: 1853548
FAQ Why does the TCP/IP interface 'NdisWanIp' not appear in the 'Set PG/PC Interface' selection list?

Since the "TCP/IP NdisWanIp" connection ... not appear in the "Set PG/PC Interface" dialog box, many users ... not supported by STEP 7.... If the key is set to "Yes", the connection "NdisWanIp" ... the dialog box for the PG/PC interface... This is because the other ... connections are available in the PG/PC interface dialog box.... If you frequently use the "NdisWanIp" interface, the adapted export file ... the registry with every restart.... In the registry editor go ... whether the entry "hidden" is set to "No".... In order to make the ... again, you need to set the key to "No" again.... If the key is set to "Yes" again the ... can proceed as follows.

ID: 25533784
FAQ Configuring a TCP connection via Ethernet (TCP native) between a SIMATIC S7 and a PC with Socket Interface

How should you configure a TCP connection via Ethernet (TCP native) between a SIMATIC S7 and a PC with Socket Interface... A sample program for the Send-Receive interface with blocks FC5 (AG_SEND) and FC6 (AG_RECV) can be downloaded in Entry ID:... In the "Options" tab you set the operating mode "Send/Recv".... Setting the Send/Recv operating mode

ID: 18843927
FAQ 'MPI/CP 5611' cannot be selected in 'Set PG/PC interface' under Windows98/SE

I cannot select the "MPI/CP 5611" in "Set PG/PC interface".... When you open "Set PG/PC interface", you get the following error message:... Then you can define the desired access points in the Control Panel under "Set PG/PC interface".... Go to "Start > Settings > Control Panel > System".

For products: 6GK1561-1AA00
ID: 6723481
FAQ How can you set up the online connection again between the PG and the CPU?

Open the PG/PC interface via the menu "Tools > Set PG/PC interface..."... Open the PG/PC interface via the menu command "Tools > Set PG/PC interface..."... Incorrectly set PG/PC interface If the parameters of the PG/PC interface do not match the online connection or the interface has yet been installed, ... the following error message:... Incorrectly set PG/PC interface... Close the dialog with ... and in the "Set PG/PC interface" dialog click on the "Properties" button.... Please refer here also ... Online Help under "Setting the PG/PC Interface".... The configuration for the ... "Standard") must also be set in the PG/PC interface... Incorrectly set bus profile If the bus profile setting in the PG/PC interface is different to the ... the following error message: "... For your PROFIBUS DP interface, check whether bus ... configured CPU matches the setting in the PG/PC interface

ID: 8686578
FAQ Components for setting up a communication between a PG/PC and a SIMATIC S7 system

Which components do I need for setting up a communication connection between a PG/PC and a SIMATIC S7 system?... A communications interface to the SIMATIC S7 (directly on the CPU or via a separate communications module).... Interface on the SIMATIC S7... Built-in MPI/DP interface... Built-in MPI/DP interface or CP 342-5, CP 343-5, CP 443-5

ID: 8778538
FAQ How do you set the terminators on the Diagnostics Repeater for the different interfaces?

For the different interfaces you select the settings as given in the table below.... Overview of the interfaces of the Diagnostics Repeater and associated settings... Interface... Interface for PG... The DR with MLFB 0AB00 you must terminate the bus connector of any device connected to this interface... The DP2 and DP3 interfaces are always terminated regardless of the switch position.... For connection options to interface DP1 A1'/B1' please refer to the notes given in Entry ID:... Setting

ID: 22410028
FAQ How do you link the AS-i Slaves to an S7-300 CPU with integrated PROFINET interface using the IE/AS-i Link?

4.3.1 Downloading the Stations via TCP/IP Setting the PG/PC interface to TCP/IP Make sure that the PG/PC interface is set to TCP/IP.... You can check the interface settings in the menu "Start > Settings > Control Pane> Set PG/PC interface" Assigning IP address and device name to the IE/AS-i Link If the IP address of your S7-300 CPU does not match the IP address used in the sample program, then assign the IP address used in the sample program to the module.

For products: 6GK1411-2AB20
ID: 51944745
FAQ The 'Set PG/PC interface' dialog can no longer be opened

Why can't I open the "Set PG/PC interface" dialog?... The "Set PG/PC interface" dialog can no longer be opened via the SIMATIC Manager, Control Panel or the Computing Configuration.

For products: 6ES7810-4C.06-..
ID: 2928778
FAQ Why does the menu option 'USB' disappear from the list box in 'Set PG/PC interface' as soon as WinCC flexible 2005 is installed if 'PC/PPI Cable (PPI)' is enabled on the 'Local Connection' tab?

In order to do this, save the text file to any place in your PG/PC's file system and start to import by double-clicking the file.

ID: 22256813
FAQ How is a DP slave's diagnostic data read out with SFC 51 'RDSYSST' (with an integrated DP interface on the CPU as the DP master)?

In this example an ET 200M is configured as DP slave on the integrated DP interface of CPU416-2DP.... IM, Interface module

ID: 19952036
FAQ What should you watch out for with the PPI/MPI/DP interfaces if you want to use the CP 5711 / PC Adapter USB A2 with a SIMATIC S7-200?

Operating instructions SIMATIC NET PG/PC - PROFIBUS CP 5711 is available in Entry ID:... Operating instructions SIMATIC PG/PC - PROFIBUS PC Adapter USB ... is available in Entry ID:... Description Note following system properties of the PPI/MPI/DP interfaces when using the PC Adapter ... M4) for a SIMATIC S7-200:... Use of the MPI (Multi Point Interface) is possible with restrictions.... Use the PROFIBUS setting with the universal profile.... On the PG side you can set transmission rates of 187.5 kbit/s ... preset in the S7-200.... In the STEP 7-Micro/WIN ... rate is to be set to that set on the CPU22x.

ID: 85669627
FAQ What should you watch out for when setting up a connection between S7-200 and SIMATIC Panels or WinCC flexible PC Runtime and what are the options?

In the Control Panel, you open the "Set PG/PC Interface" dialog.... The "Set PG/PC interface" dialog opens.... In addition to the settings in the project, you must also set the PG/PC interface on the PC with WinCC flexible Runtime.... Here you set the serial interface you are using for communication.... Check that the settings for the interface are set to MPI/DP.... S7ONLINE" Interface parameters used:... Below is a description of the settings you must make for a connection between WinCC flexible PC Runtime and an S7-200 controller via the serial RS232/PPI cable.... Set the baud rate to 19200 (or 9600

ID: 28263099
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