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    Online Support

    The Siemens Industry Online Support is the central access point to concentrated technical know-how about products, systems and services in the automation, drives and process industry. Here you will find, in addition to manuals and documentations, application examples, videos and FAQs, also planning data such as 2D drawings, product master data or 3D models.
    Furthermore, forums allow you to exchange information with other users and experts. And all this every day of the year, around the clock and free of charge.
    With about 1.7 million visitors per month, the Industry Online Support is one of the most popular web offerings provided by Siemens.

    For more than 20 years, the Online Support has supported you with a wide range of technical content about the products, solutions and services provided by Siemens Industry. From its beginnings till now, our offerings have evolved continuously in terms of both content and functionality.
    The Online Support will continue to support you with innovative offerings in the future to help you keep up with the ongoing digitization.

    The following video demonstrates through a customer journey what the Online Support does for you today in your daily work, for example in the configuration and maintenance of your plant or machine.
    The video also gives an outlook on new, innovative offerings and options of the Online Support that will make you ready for the digital future of industry.


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