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    Ordering, Provision and Delivery of Spare Parts

    If you have any questions regarding spare parts, please contact your Siemens Contact Person. If you can, please have your data for identifying the affected products ready, for example: 
    • Material/product number
    • Serial or product number
    • Other name plate information (also possible as image/picture)

    Here, as an example, a name plate of a MICROMASTER 440 frequency converter with the product number 6SE6440-2UD35-5FA1 and the serial number T-TD1362000099: 

    Below, you can find further information which might be of interest to you when ordering spare parts:

    • Providing spare parts and delivery times
      Find out how long Siemens provides spare parts and what delivery times to expect. 
    • Replacement of defective components
      We offer you a replacement service for many spare parts, to reduce plant downtimes. 
    • Emergency spare parts service
      In many countries spare parts can also be ordered outside normal business hours. 
    • Identification
      For many products, you can also find out for yourself what spare parts can be ordered.


    Providing spare parts

    For most Siemens Industry products and systems we provide spare parts even after the start of the product phase-out over a period of ten years. Under the following link you can find an overview of some different Products and Systems and their time of provision.

    In the product status in Product Support you can find out whether a specific product is already in product phase-out. This is where the current status for all products is displayed in the product lifecycle. The "product phase-out" milestone is decisive for the provision of the spare parts.

    After the final product phase-out ("product phase-out" milestone), spare parts can usually no longer be supplied. Of course we can jointly work out individual solutions with you for the time after the product phase-out.

    Delivery times

    Centrally provided spare parts by Siemens can be supplied worldwide within a short space of time. The following table shows the average delivery times for spare parts from the central warehouse.

    The delivery address and the priority specified during ordering are decisive for the delivery time.

    Delivery times *)
    From the central spare parts warehouse …
    Delivery adress *)
     Normal order
    Regular delivery time
    Order with "system standstill" priority
    Express delivery
    ... in countries of the European Union (EU)**)1 to 2 working days

    within 24 hours

    … in non-EU countries within Europeup to 3 working days

    1 to 2 working days

    … in non-European countriesup to 11 working days2 to 8 working days

    *) Please note:

    • The times specified apply within the EU for delivery to shipping address.
    • In the case of deliveries from the central warehouse to countries outside the EU, the times specified apply for delivery to the customs border of the country of destination. Times for import formalities and for transport in the country of destination are not included.
    • For an order with "system standstill" priority an express charge will be charged and possibly extra shipment costs, courier or flight charges in addition to the normal costs.   

    **) The delivery time is valid only, if ordering party and recipients are located in the same country.

    Based on our high customer-specific product orientation we cannot provide all spare parts in storage. In such cases, we offer the option of reproducing spare parts or carrying out repairs. Here, the delivery times may vary from the ones described above.


    Replacement of defective components

    We offer a replacement service for many spare parts, to reduce plant downtimes. When you are buying a spare part, we will take back your defective component.

    You can find out from your Siemens Contact Person, whether a spare part is suitable for the replacement process and what the modalities are for the return.

    Spare parts that are used for diagnostic purposes from your spare parts storage can be taken back within three months after delivery, for a handling fee.


    Emergency spare parts service

    In many countries spare parts can also be ordered outside normal business hours. For this purpose, please contact your Siemens Contact Person.


    Identification: What spare parts are there for your product?

    The following properties characterize spare parts at Siemens Industry:

    • A spare part can be a product or a partial component of a product. Most products or partial components can be ordered as spare parts.
    • Spare parts can also be function-compatible products.
    • Spare parts can also be generally overhauled parts; these are also fully functional and in perfect condition.
    • Spare parts are normally delivered with default settings and not with customer-specific settings.

    To find out for yourself what spare parts there are for a product, please use the Spares On Web (SoW) information system.
    Spares on Web (SoW) is a web-based system for spare parts research for Siemens Industry products.

    The PIA Life Cycle Portal is available for the comprehensive Siemens portfolio of process instrumentation and analysis products.
    The PIA Life Cycle Portal is a web application which facilitates the selection and correct arrangement of the order numbers when configuring products, and which additionally offers a lot more. The application actively supports you in finding the optimum solution from the comprehensive Siemens Portfolio of process instrumentation and analytic products and their applications of use based on very different access options.

    Use the PED Tool in order to determine the delivery state of devices on the component level. This supports the simple identification of spare parts as well as the device identification.

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