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    OEM Repair Service Contract (OEM RSC)

    Service Description 

    Mechanical engineering companies and distributors of manufacturing machines or production machines are looking for service solutions, which reduce the cost risk concerning liability claims for subsequent rectifications of defects on their machines. Especially in export business, unplanned service assignments can lead to costs that are very difficult to calculate (e.g. travel expenses). Machine producers or distributors would also like an insurance adapted to the duration of their liability for defects in their machines.

    The OEM Repair Service Contract (OEM RSC) offers machine producers and distributors the option to cover the repair costs by a flat rate price and therefore minimize the cost risk.  

    Our offer in detail 

    The OEM RSC ensures the subsequent rectifications of defects at the location where the machine is installed. This contractual service covers personnel and material replacement costs for removing any trouble in Siemens Industry products after the second commissioning at the user's end. The contract term can be chosen in 6 months steps, up to a term of five years.

    Benefits covered by the Repair Service Contract:

    • Supply of service personnel
    • On-site diagnostics
    • On-site troubleshooting
    • Proof of the removal of the defect 

    The diagnostics refers to the components mentioned in the list of components of the end user notification.

    The troubleshooting will be carried out by repairing or replacing the defective components.              

    Your benefits 
    • Higher availability thanks to shorter response times and fast troubleshooting
    • Predictable service cost also for unexpected repairs
    • No obligation to provide proof of warranty claims during the warranty period
    • Short standstill periods in the event of a repair through access to the respective product data
    • Available in all countries worldwide
    • Global service infrastructure with qualified service personnel 

    How to order 

    Are you interested in this service contract? If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person.They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service. 

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