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    SIMATIC PCS 7 Lifecycle Service Contracts

    Ensuring serviceability and optimization of plant availability

    Making operating costs predictable and optimizing them, protecting investments, ensuring plant availability - availability and serviceability of your control technology are decisive success criteria to achieve this. This is why lifecycle services ensure the complete functionality of the control technology over defined periods with optimized expenditure in modern plants.
    This requires scheduled modernizations because the large-scale use of PC systems which are continuously developing in automation, create heavy innovative pressure. Only with a control technology that keeps up with the development of the system technology over the entire lifecycle, can you secure the investment value and remain competitive regarding productivity and efficiency.

    The requirements and specifications for the operation of a plant are very specific, particularly for runtimes over 15 years and more. This is why service requirements differ accordingly. In cooperation with you, Siemens provides the basis for:

    • Protection of investment
    • System availability
    • Modernization and service costs
    • Cancellation management
    • Migration cycles and upgrades


    SIMATIC PCS 7 Lifecycle Service Contracts in overview

    SIMATIC PCS 7 Lifecycle Services provides a powerful service program for all aspects of the SIMATIC PCS 7 control system for you. Individual, flexible service contracts emerge from this, optimally tailored to your requirements in the lifecycle of your plant.

    Apart from the standard services, the service program also offers you proactive lifecycle services that can be combined with contract options, such as, for example, duration of contract, arrival or response times.

    Defined service elements and contract-specific parameters form the components for a modular SIMATIC PCS 7 lifecycle service contract. These plant-specific service elements and the contract parameters are selected and specified in cooperation with you.

    The contract solution is determined by the requirements, such as, for example, responsive or preventative service concept which is reflected in typical contract profiles for lifecycle contracts. Precise knowledge of the system status is the requirement for the signing a lifecycle service contract.

    Your benefits with a SIMATIC PCS 7 Lifecycle Service contract:

    • Long-term investment protection
    • Predictability of the modernization and preventive maintenance costs at the time
      of the investment over the running time of up to 15 years (TCO)
    • Increased availability of the plant due to agreed arrival times for service
      spare parts supply and preventive maintenance
    • Know-how of the manufacturer of automation system
    • Ensuring serviceability by the ability to supply spare parts, support services and
      software support for the plant beyond the contract period
    • Project management from one source for the entire contact period

    Proceed as follows

    Are you interested in the SIMATIC PCS 7 Lifecycle Service Contracts? If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person who will be happy to provide detailed information on contents and ordering

    Further information

    The following publications include information for plant operators from all sectors:

    • Brochure:   SIMATIC PCS 7 Lifecycle Services (837,7 KB)
      In the brochure you can find out how to optimize operating costs, protect investments and how to ensure plant availability with SIMATIC PCS 7 Lifecycle Services.
    • Presentation:   Lifecycle Services for PCS 7 (1,5 MB)
      The presentation includes statements on requirements, service portfolio, procedures for modernizations and the customer benefits. 
    • Whitepaper:   Lifecycle services for SIMATIC PCS 7 (608,7 KB)
      In the whitepaper you receive an overview of the basics and standards, scope of service & service contracts as well as benefit arguments & potentials.
    • Technical article:   Process News 01/2012 – BAYER (8,5 MB)
      The technical article presents service models for control systems, lifecycle services and extended models and service partnership and cooperation.
    • More current information (manuals, FAQs, …) on this service can be found in Product Support.
    • Preventive maintenance concepts and services in chemical industry
      Part 1: Reducing the "Total cost of ownership" (TCO) in the lifecycle
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