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    Remote Services for Process Automation

    Proactive remote support – the optimal support for high-performance operation of your plant

    Service description

    Systems are becoming more and more complex and at the same time there is an increasing pressure on cost: Protect yourself and count on the reliable, flexible and economic support solutions - during engineering, when commissioning your automation system as well as during operation. The emphasis is on cost efficiency, reliability, and performance. Secure internet connections and the advent of IT system structures in the world of automation allow innovative solution approaches for your system. 


    Our offer in detail 

    The idea behind the Remote Services is to provide optimum, system-specific support for the
    SIMATIC automation system from a remote location. As part of the modules offered, you will not only be provided the remote infrastructure but support and maintenance are also already included. The Remote Services are based on Siemens’ common Remote Service Platform (cRSP), a secure, high-performance and highly-available remote platform

    Engineering, commissioning and maintenance of automation systems can optimally be supported and carried out via remote access through the use of modern and powerful communication media. Thanks to our offer of platform based Remote Services, our customers can access on centrally available know-how of the manufacturer anytime worldwide.

    The remote services are available for two specific applications:

    1.   Remote desktop sharing

    Customer requirements Virtual Siemens experts on site at the plant

    Siemens experts directly access the engineering software and the connected systems - in compliance with industrial safety standards.

    In this application, the transfer of documents and the implementation of the parameterization or configuration by the Siemens experts is possible. Desktop sharing can also be used to access multiple remote experts at the same time.

    2.   Remote Assisted Collaboration

    Customer needs: Technical assistance in operation, project planning and commissioning.

    The tablet PC enables the transmission of video images as well as communication via audio and live chat via an independent VPN channel. The drawing of instructions in the camera image (AR functions) guides the on-site expert through the service process.

    In addition, the use of data glasses allows hands-free work on field devices by displaying text or transparent images in the field of vision of the service technician or by following the expert's instructions via audio.

    cRSP features and benefits

    In comparison to traditional point-to-point connection (P2P) the communication via the cRSP offers clear advantages:

    • The graduated security and access concept includes all aspects for a secure and monitored communication
    • Reduced administrative effort due to central administration of all system accesses
    • Central monitoring, logging and reporting with continuous monitoring by the customer
    • Freedom from disturbances due to separation of the different networks (DMZ)
    • Compatible with general Industrial Security concepts
    • TÜV / CERT certified


    The Customer Web Portal, an optional expansion of the cRSP enables the service staff to conveniently and easily access the SIMATIC automation systems. External partners (e.g. system integrators) can be included in the projects this way.

    Your benefits


    • Sustainable: The fast and worldwide availability of expert know-how is ensured in the long term 
    • Secure: The entire remote infrastructure is based on proven IT security concepts for the industry  
    • Innovative: By using proven industry service tools and state-of-the-art collaboration software, you benefit  from an innovative service concept 

    How to order

    Are you interested in this service? If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service. 

    Further information

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