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    Extended Exchange Option

    Reduced economic risk and greater cost transparency in operation

    The economically optimal supply of spare parts plays a crucial role for your maintenance concept. Original spares from Siemens are the basis for the system components in your machines and plants working perfectly together. You can, however, reduce the risks for your plants even further and ensure optimized operation with higher cost efficiency through the Extended Exchange Option (EEO)

    The EEO offers replacement of defective products over an extended period in case of failure during use in accordance with their proper purpose. The EEO can be purchased within 1 year after product delivery. The contract period is 6 to 48 months, selectable in steps of 6 months. The EEO period starts 12 months after product delivery. Within the selected time period you will receive free replacement for defective products that are covered by the EEO.

    Your benefit
    Your advantages in practical terms

    • Greater transparency of machine or plant operating costs.
    • Lower economic risk thanks to improved plannability.
    • Flexible adaptation to your requirements through product selection and the ability to tailor the time period to individual needs.

    Extended Exchange Option

    For which products is the EEO available?
    The EEO can be ordered and applied to various product families. Software and wear parts are excluded from the EEO coverage.

    Information for your order
    If you would like to order an EEO, please provide our sales partner in your region with the following information:

    • Desired products with quantity, article number and delivery date
    • Your location or place of installation of the plant
    • Desired contract period

    As confirmation of the ordered EEO you will receive a certificate with the contract number, the description of performance, the contract data, the parts list and general conditions.

    Article number and price calculation
    The EEO is as easy to order as a standard product.
    The article number (MLFB) for a single EEO unit is 6ES7997-2AA00-0AX0.

    The number of required EEO units is calculated as follows:

    • 1% of the list price x period in years (e.g. 3.5 years)

    The total EEO price for the covered products results from:

    • Number of EEO units x valid price of an EEO unit 6ES7997-2AA00-0AX0

    Proceed as follows
    Interested in an EEO for your products? If so, please get in touch with your Siemens contact, who will be glad to assist you and provide you with detailed information on ordering and processing of the EEO.