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    Maintenance and inspection of electric motors, gear units and converters

    The availability of your systems and plants depends greatly on the drives, which always have to work properly, sometimes even under difficult environmental conditions. Even with sophisticated design and top production quality, electric motors, gear units and converters must be regularly inspected and maintained by qualified personnel to prevent unplanned downtime and the associated costs.

    To get the best possible results, Siemens Industry Services experts adapt all maintenance intervals to the specific operating conditions and environments of each machine. Continuous operation in highly contaminated environments (dirt, dust, aggressive atmospheres) makes regular maintenance and inspection especially important.

    Your benefit

    • Optimal performance of your plants and systems at any time.
    • Reliable production conditions.
    • Scheduled maintenance shut-downs instead of unplanned production downtimes.
    • Once only assessment of the conditions of the plant by carrying out measurements/diagnoses.
    • Determining the maintenance requirements.
    • Analysis and recommendations for an optimal spare part stockkeeping.
    • Detection possible improvements in the plant and environment conditions.

    Proceed as follows

    Are you interested in these services? Please contact your Contact for Field Services. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service.

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