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    Motor Management Program

    Increased wear, downsizing, and lower maintenance budgets at many production facilities have led to maintenance being performed reactively after faults have occurred.
    More and more frequently, in-house maintenance teams lack the resources they need for effective and efficient motor care.

    With the help of the professional Motor Management Program by Siemens Industry, motors can attain the level of technical reliability and performance they need to meet the production requirements of today's plants.

    The Motor Management Program provides preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance and operating solutions for electric machines. It is made up of different elements for customized service solutions:

    Your benefit:

    Optimum performance for the entire span of operation
    As a manufacturer of electrotechnical systems and components, and as an on-site service provider, our objective is to provide the best possible service for motors for their entire operating life.
    • Professional services for the entire life of the motor, including professional reporting.
    • Long-term top service quality including motor supply and operating reliability.
    • Reduction of operator burden: As a Siemens customer, you fully concentrate on your core business.
    • More efficient investments in services and lower costs for own service infrastructure through the use of the global Siemens network.

    Proceed as follows

    Are you interested in our Motor Management Program? If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service.

    Further information

    Detailed information on individual elements can be found at:


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