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    On-Site Service and contractual Extension

    On-site service for SINUMERIK 828D and 808D to cover the service cost risk

    Machine manufacturers and dealers of machine tools and production machines look for service solutions that reduce the cost risk for subsequent performance of liability for defects on their machines. Particularly in the export business, unplanned service calls can result in costs that are difficult to calculate (e.g. travel costs). In addition, machine manufacturers or dealers want a protection that is adapted to the duration of their machine's liability for material defects.

    For SINUMERIK 828D controller packages, as well as for SINUMERIK 808D and the associated drive, motor and accessory components (1) from Siemens, an on-site service of 24 months is automatically included. This starts with delivery of the controller package on the date of delivery by the Siemens factory.

    With the registration and final destination notification for the machine within the 24-month on-site service, its duration is extended to 36 months.

    The on-site service offers the subsequent fulfilment of product defect rectification at the place of installation of the machine. Personnel and material replacement expenses are covered that are incurred for fault rectification (2) on Siemens Digital Industry products after second commissioning at the user.

    (1) Does not apply to complete motor spindles
    (2) The following are excluded: Masonry work, metalwork, breaking work and other non-electrical work; the customer shall perform or arrange any necessary mechanical work in good time. Example: Dismantling/mounting of motors or other components.

    The on-site service includes:

    • Provision of service personnel.
    • On-site diagnostics.
    • On-site troubleshooting.
    • Proof of the fault rectification.

    Faults are rectified by repairing and/or replacing defective components.

    The on-site service for registered machines equipped with the above-stated controller types can be extended with the On-Site Service Extension for up to three years in annual slices subject to a charge.

    Your benefits

    • Protection of the cost risk.
    • On-site service can be extended synchronously with the machine defect liability period.
    • Planning certainty and calculable costs.
    • Easier processing of servicing jobs.
    • High machine availability thanks to a fast response to machine faults.
    • On-site service extension available for machine deliveries to numerous countries.
    • Worldwide service infrastructure with experienced service personnel.

    How to proceed
    Are you interested in this service? Then get in touch with your Siemens representatives. They will be happy to support you and provide you with detailed information about this service.

    The registration and final destination notification for SINUMERIK 828D controllers is made via the PC tool IdentSNAPSHOT.

    Outside China, SINUMERIK 808D controllers can be registered via the following web site.

    You will find more detailed information on the On-Site Service Extension in the Product Catalog of the Industry Mall. 

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