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    • Standard repair - Ordering and processing

    Standard repair - Ordering and processing

    In a repair the functionality of the delivery state is restored. This includes, if required, also the replacement of wear parts and possibly firmware upgrades.
    Prerequisite for a repair is that the product is in a repairable state.

    If you have any questions regarding repairs, please contact your Siemens Contact Person. He or she will also tell you the address where you can send in the defective product. If you can, please have your data for identifying the affected products ready for your request, for example:

    • Material/product number
    • Serial or product number
    • Other name plate information (also possible as image/picture)

    Here, as an example, a name plate of a MICROMASTER 440 frequency converter with the product number 6SE6440-2UD35-5FA1 and the serial number T-TD1362000099:

    Detailed information on repairs can be found when you follow the following links:

    • Standard diagnostics/repair report/report of findings
      Would you like to have a product diagnosed and/or receive a report on our works carried out after completion?
    • Repair options
      Can you send in the defective product or does the repair have to be carried out on-site? Is a standard repair sufficient or do you require faster processing?
    • Another option for you could also be our replacement repair. Read more under Ordering, Provision and Delivery of Spare Parts - Replacement of defective components.
    • Apart from the repair, we also offer you an upgrade service. Details can be found under Product Upgrade Service and under Retrofits of electric motors and converters.
    • Returns to Siemens
      Read what the modalities are for returns. Here, you can also download the Returned Goods Delivery Note.
    • The lifecycle status in which your product to be repaired or other Siemens products are, can be found out under Lifecycle Information Services.

    Standard diagnostics/repair report/report of findings

    We offer you the option to have your products diagnosed by us. Such a diagnosis can also take place on your site, if required.

    According to your order we will carry out the diagnostic or repair of the defective product. If you want a report on the works carried out by us or if you require further information, please contact your Siemens Contact Person before ordering.
    After completion of the order, you will then receive the requested report from your regional contact person.
    Please note: In many cases the reason for failure depends also on the environment of the plant and the conditions of use. This is why detailed statements on the cause of failure may only be partly possible.

    Repair options

    Repairs are usually carried out in Siemens Service Centers.

    In urgent cases, please contact your Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to tell you whether we can also offer you faster processing for your product. For an extra charge, we can, for example, provide the following repair options for converters:

    • Express repair
    • Turn-around repair
      We pick up the defective product from you.
    • Bring-in repair
      After previous consultation you can wait for the completion of the repair in the Siemens service center.

    For repair services on-site, we provide a worldwide mobile repair service. If required, please contact your Siemens Contact Person.

    The use of our container solution makes it possible to carry out on-site repairs faster and more flexibly. You can find out more under Modular Container Solution.

    Returns to Siemens

    Your Siemens Contact Person will let you know whether a product is repairable and what the modalities are for the return. They will be glad to tell you the address where you can send the defective product.

    Contact your Siemens contact person before the return, even if you require fast repair processing or when you are interested in a cost estimate, a repair report or a report of findings.

    For smooth and fast processing, please enclose the filled out  Returned Goods Delivery Note (14,3 KB) to the return.

    Please note the following for returns:

    • The product may have to be decontaminated before it is returned. Your Siemens Contact Person will let you know for which products this is required. In this case, please enclose the   Declaration of Decontamination (38,9 KB) to the return.
    • Repaired products are usually returned with factory settings.
      If you wish the return with your settings please let us know when it is sent in. As far as it is technically possible your settings are then restored before the return.
    • Upgrades of hardware and software to the current delivery state takes place when this is explicitly ordered or if it is required due to technical necessity.


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