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    Motors – Three-phase asynchronous motors

    Upgrades – optimization of motor efficiency
    For large special motors, it is recommended to optimize the motor efficiency. In the course of repairs or overhauls, for example, the windings can be optimized or more efficient bearings or fans can be inserted. This can increase the service life and efficiency of the motor.

    Retrofit – change to variable-speed application
    Three-phase asynchronous motors can often be changed to a variable-speed application. A major part of the energy costs so far, can thus often be saved. For this purpose, there is a conversion to a drive system with motor and converter (e.g. SINAMICS).
    The motor series N and H compact set standards regarding energy efficiency, reliability and cost efficiency for large three-phase, low-voltage and high-voltage machines. Many technical adjustments make it possible for the machines to be flexibly used in very different areas.
    All Retrofit measures are independent from the manufacturer. In order to secure the functionality and availability of different plants, suitable machines and converters are available.

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