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    Motors – Special motors

    There are always two options to replace a machine. One is the 1:1 replica of the machine according to state-of-the-art standards, the other is the reconstruction in form of a functional replacement. For this purpose, machines from the current program are used and their interfaces are individually adjusted.

    1:1 replica
    The 1:1 replica is a reproduction of the original machine by using the latest materials and standards. The main components such as rotor, stator, bearing, etc. can be replaced with those of the original machine.
    The appearance, design and dimensions as well as the behavior of the machine remain unchanged. Existing operating licenses usually continue to be valid. The identical replica of a machine requires knowledge of all construction and design documents of the original machine. It is checked case by case whether a 1:1 replica is economical and reasonable or whether a functional replacement is to be preferred.

    Functional replacement
    This drop-in concept is a fully adequate, economical option to get an existing plant up to state-of-the-art.
    With a functional replacement, machines from the current Siemens type range are used. The performance data and interfaces to the work machine, the base and the electrical connections for lines, cooling water and bearing oil are adapted to the existing conditions. This allows for an easy, quick and smooth replacement. With this solution even old machines of other manufacturers can be replaced by new Siemens machines.
    The current type series usually need a smaller construction volume than the machines of previous years. This is why frequently an increase in performance or efficiency of the machine and the plant can also be realized.

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