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    Retrofit – replacement by SINAMICS

    Your SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES belong to a durable, longlasting and reliable family of converters that engineers have been installing worldwide since 1998. Between 2011 and 2014, however, production of these units was wound down in stages and discontinued, and this product line has now been replaced with the new SINAMICS series. Spare parts for the SIMOVERT family will be available until 2020. But if you incur faults or failures in your SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES after that time, you should anticipate that immediate remedies for system and plant downtime will not be readily available – unless you have a comprehensive supply of spare parts in stock.

    Consequently, to ensure the future operation of your converters and thus of your entire plant, Siemens recommends that you replace your older or highly stressed units with the successor products SINAMICS in conjunction with regular planned maintenance.


    Besides changing to the new SINAMICS platform, you can also backfit your existing SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES converters with new, state-of-the-art technology. This can be done for example by replacing individual components. Siemens offers you various possibilities for this purpose.

    Cut power costs with energy-saving fans

    Energy savings of anywhere from 10 to 70% – in the electric power required for cooling – can be achieved if the fan modules used for cooling are replaced with new energy-saving fans. The rule is that the lower the converter capacity utilization in the drive application, the greater the energy savings and the lower the noise level of the energy-saving fan. You benefit additionally from a more constant control cabinet temperature and less fouling of the filter mats. The energy-saving fan is compatible for installation with the Chassis-II inverter devices, thereby ensuring fast and simple replacement. This can be done for example within the scope of the replacement interval recommended after 35,000 operating hours or four years of operation. The lighter weight of the energy-saving fan facilitates replacement work as well.

    Update to the newest control module

    Older converters of the SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Vector Control CU2 series have been superseded by the Vector Control CUVC units. While CU2 modules are therefore no longer available for supply, these converters can nevertheless be upgraded to the latest CUVC status. You thereby profit not only from our newest control functions, but also from the latest comprehensive firmware improvements.

    Modernize your optical fiber transmitters

    Optical fiber transmitters are used to transmit signals in high-power converters of approximately 250 kilowatt or higher. Adverse environmental conditions such as the level of air humidity or temperature fluctuations can significantly contribute to the aging of transmitter diodes. Innovative development advancements in semiconductor technology have produced semiconductors that considerably reduce this aging effect on transmitter diodes. If need be, old transmitter diodes can be replaced with new ones without necessitating replacement of the electronics module. Siemens offers to perform a corresponding assessment inspection and backfitting for its customers (recommended after 64,000 operating hours or eight years of operation).You benefit from the enhanced reliability of signal transmission.

    Modernize the filter capacitors of network filters

    A network filter is used in converters that utilize an active front end (AFE) design solution. External influences on the network, excessive temperatures and aging effects can damage the filter capacitors inside. When such damage occurs, capacitors are disconnected internally from the network to protect them against consequential damage, but thereby lose their filter function. If individual defective capacitors are detected over the course of inspection(recommended after 40,000 operating hours or five years of operation), it is recommended that capacitors be replaced. At the same time you benefit from newer, more robust capacitors.

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