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    Converter – SINAMICS G130, G150, S120, S150


    Update to state-of-the-art electronics
    The control electronics for the entire SINAMICS LV converter series was developed further and modified. The CIB (Control Interface modules) and PSB (Power Supply modules) used so far, have been integrated into a new unit as CIM (Control Interface Module).
    A conversion to the new technology is recommended when the following is to be achieved: noise minimization, expansion of the extended safety function or savings in the provision of the spare parts.
    The service staff can carry out such a conversion on site. The existing cabling remains. The new hardware is automatically detected by the system, i.e. a new commissioning or parameter adjustment is not required.

    Upgrade for the operation on SIMOTICS FD motors
    It is generally possible to operate a SIMOTICS FD motor on an already existing SINAMICS converter. If the pulse pattern is stored in this converter in the software, optimized pulse patterns for the motors of the SIMOTICS FD series can be installed by a software update and the motor can be operated. If the pulse patterns are specified on a circuit board, the respective parts have to be replaced.

    Increasing the protection class to IP54
    Environmental pollution such as dirt, dust or dampness impair the secure function of air-cooled converters. To avoid such impairments, the converters can be upgraded to a IP54 solution.
    This solution includes the expansion of the cabinet to an integrated air circulation system with a water recooler, where the existing devices are retained. The recooler can be connected to a water recooler system or expanded by a separate recooling system with respective pumps and controllers. The refitting on the converter is performed on the plant.

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