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Inventory Baseline Services

Detailed knowledge of plant condition ensures service capability

When planning modernizations and budgeting maintenance work, it is important to make the right decisions. The basis for this is differentiated material lists (BOMs), a precise plant overview and up-to-date lifecycle information.


The requirements in this context are:

  • uniform and comprehensive recording of all installed automation components,

  • implementation with minimal time and cost requirements, and

  • provision of standard reports on current inventory levels for planning and preparing further measures.


Inventory Baseline Services are modern data-driven services that use new methods and tools to help you maintain your machines and plants even more efficiently. Inventory Baseline Services ensure transparency with regard to the installed automation components and/or field instrumentation and provide the basis for making decisions and the data base for the execution of additional services. They answer the question of which products are used and where in the system and show the lifecycle status of the entire system.

Picture: Step-by-step procedure for Inventory Baseline Services

Inventory Baseline Services are of significance if there is no detailed system data or if it is outdated or incomplete.

Standard tools for automated recording of the component data in the automation system are used for simple and effective recording of plant inventory. This process can be carried out without any influence during plant operation. The inventory of the spare parts warehouse can be recorded manually or integrated into the inventory data in the form of a separate list.

The result of this evaluation is a transparent mapping of the automation system with a list of all the recorded components. The basic information provided by the Inventory Baseline Service reports supports the decision-making process for planning maintenance and modernization measures, such as:

  • Replacing outdated system components

  • Future spare parts strategies

  • Updates/Upgrades

  • Extensions of machines and systems

For plants that require more detailed analysis results, the outcome of the Inventory Baseline Services provides the database for performing other services, such as:

  • SIMATIC system audit

  • Lifecycle information services

  • Asset optimization services

  • PI calibration services


Picture: Service program - Installed Base Capture & Analytics Services 

Your benefits

  • Cost-effective and standardized inventory assessment.
  • Uniform and comprehensive recording of all the installed automation components.
  • Decision-making tools for scheduled plant expansions.
  • Preparation for updates/upgrades.
  • Basis for implementing additional services.

Proceed as follows

Are you interested in the SIMATIC Inventory Baseline Services? If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service.

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