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    Energy Performance Contracting

    The challenge

    Lifting competitiveness by increasing productivity is the most common and recurring challenge in industry. The options for investment outside of your core-business such as energy efficiency improvements are a possible lever, but savings uncertainty is a common showstopper for these projects. In addition, when given a narrow investment choice between a production-related project versus energy efficiency, the decision is always clear.

    What if there was a way to make an energy efficiency project more certain than a core-business opportunity? And rather than having to make a choice, what if you could invest in both opportunities? Energy Performance Contracting for drive applications from Siemens does just that.

    The solution

    Energy Performance Contracting for drive applications pays for optimization measures through savings in energy costs. The projects are implemented according to a four-step process with low risk for our customers thanks to the promised savings.

    In the first step, the plant’s drive applications are evaluated based on existing data and our specialists propose a package of measures coupled with the projected savings. The selected measures are then analyzed in detail and designed based on a provisional agreement. Detailed energy use measurements are used as the basis for precisely determining the baseline and engineering the measures. If it becomes apparent during the concept development phase that the promised cost savings cannot be achieved, you may terminate the project at no cost.

    During the realization phase, Siemens implements the optimization measures. Upon acceptance of the project, the actual savings will be measured and compared with the baseline from the concept. If the agreed goals are reached, the promised savings have been achieved. Otherwise, Siemens will compensate the customer. As part of this service, new energy savings are verified regularly and the drive systems are maintained to ensure the savings continue in the future.


    Your benefit

    Drive applications, which account for nearly two thirds of industrial electricity use, represent one of the biggest opportunities for electricity and cost savings. Savings of up to 30 percent can be achieved within drive applications. The projects are structured so that only a portion of the savings are used for the service rate and the rest of the savings remains as a direct benefit for the customer. This makes the decision in favor of such a project easy: Energy Performance Contracting entails low risk in the project development phase and offers strong savings certainty. All this makes Siemens the perfect partner for your next energy efficiency project!

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