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    Process Instrumentation - Calibration and Verification

    Ensuring the highest standard of accuracy and quality

    Our Process Instrumentation Services deliver the knowledge and global experience required to keep your assets operating at peak reliability and accuracy. We provide full scope of services from start-up and commisioning through lifecycle support.

    Today calibration and in situ inspection of measuring devices is an important production and competitive activity due to steadily increasing demands on reliability, availability and performance.

    In our calibration laboratories, which are equipped with the latest technologies and processes we are able to calibrate Siemens and manufacturer independent field instruments. Siemens calibration facilities are accredited by COFRAC (Haguenau-France), DAkkS (Erlangen-Germany), CNAS (Dalian-China) and DANAK (Sønderborg-Denmark). Accreditatoin to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025 means that the calibration equipment is constantly calibrated against authorized references. In order to meet “Custody Transfer” requirements we follow international and national directives according MID (European) or PBT (German).

    On-site verification is a validation and performance test of an electromagnetic flow transmitter. We are able to do status-oriented maintenance (acc. DIN31051) to determine the condition of in-service electromagnetic flowmeters with our mobile and fully automated toolset named “Verificator”, in order to predict when maintenance should be performed. This approach promises cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance, because tasks are performed only when warranted.


    Reason for calibrating field devices

    • Maximize production yield by eliminating failure measurements
    • Determine the accuracy of the instrument
    • Compliance with standards à legal requirements & metrological requirements
    • Avoid expensive unplanned downtime of production
    • Quality control, compensate for material and manufacturing tolerances
    • Establish traceability and reliability

    Reason for verification

    • Generally verification prevents failure of a flow measurement instrument
    • Increase of device reliability, distinguish between product fault and installation fault
    • Increase of plant availability
    • Increase and optimal use of the lifetime of field installation
    • Decrease of Failures
    • Improvement of the operational safety
    • Predictable cost


    Calibration and Verfication in Overview

    Calibrating measuring devices and inspection of equipment, like any precious engineering activity, requires proper expertise: this is the only way to ensure that equipment performs to expectations at long term and is reliable for the job in hand.

    With our laboratories and factories which have international accreditation according ISO/IEC 17025 (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) Siemens have the expertise and equipment to calibrate over 80% of the measuring instruments currently in circulation in line with customer requirements and pertinent standards.

    Siemens as calibration partner– in our factories or at customer’s site - for manufacturer independent field instruments can maximize process performance and maintain safety.

    Your benefits with a Calibration and Verification:

    • Factory calibration facilities are ISO / IEC 17025 certified
    • On-site calibration is performed by specially trained and certified technicians
    • Preventive and predictive maintenance to reduce total cost of ownership due to optimized performance
    • Insurances of product or batch quality remains high and consistent over time
    • Reliability in terms of production safety and quality of the final product
    • Avoid expensive unplanned downtime due to calibration of measuring devices
    • “Plug and Play” performance check for status-oriented maintenance

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