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    SIDRIVE IQ Services

    Drive components such as motors and converters are highly stressed components that are subject to different degrees of wear and continuous tear, depending on operating life and stress. The stress is often not visible with the naked eye over a longer period of time so that the result may be failures and unplanned downtime with incalculable losses. It is therefore crucial to be able to estimate the condition of the components correctly at all times.

    With SIDRIVE IQ, condition data from your drive train components is transferred to the cloud via an encrypted connection. All the data is combined in a single system. Thanks to the web-based dashboard, you have constant transparency about the condition of your components. Automated status reports and e-mail alarm notifications in the event of limit value violations also help you to detect failures at an early stage.

    With SIDRIVE IQ Services, we offer you digital expert support to optimize the availability and productivity of your plant to the greatest possible extent. Our service experts continuously monitor the connected components. If a weak point is detected, we notify you directly and comprehensively. We're also happy to help you with planning and troubleshooting.

    In the event of an unpredictable fault, we offer you immediate support. In this case, our service expert team is automatically informed via the cloud and contacts you directly to initiate troubleshooting as quickly as possible


    Your benefits at a glance with SIDRIVE IQ Services

    • Shorten unplanned downtimes by direct expert contact and cloud-based data availability enabling faster troubleshooting
    • Early error identification with continuous monitoring
      incl. automated reports for minimized unplanned downtimes
    • Cloud-based analytics enabling real time fleet transparency with continuously improving data analysis

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