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    The electronic components have more and more often an increased rates of obsolescence in the lifecycle of a machine. This trend is the result of today's shorter technology cycles (It is no longer a rarity when electronic components become obsolete within a system's lifecycle, and this trend is increasing because of today's shorter technology cycles). Siemens offers you Product Upgrade Services aimed at ensuring your system's operation and expanding its lifespan.

    This preventive service helps you ito dentify those components in your system that are becoming obsolete and to replace them with newer, innovated components.

    This service is suitable for all SIMATIC products whose discontinuation is soon (in approximately two years' time) to be announced or already has been announced.

    We then inspect and assess the system's current condition and support your efforts to identify what components are affected and how best to further proceed.  




    • Preventive service focuses on phased out products (i.e. approximately two years prior to announcement of discontinuation)
    • Continuous upgrading process in accordance with SIMATIC product lifecycles
    • Scrapping of old modules forms an integral part of the service in the standard process
    • The basis for this service are provided by Products lifecycle information

    Customer benefits:

    • Increased transparency of your system's condition
    • Timely detection of failure risks and prevention of failures
    • Reduction of system-related downtime costs (caused by component failures)
    • Basis for a regular scheduled preventive maintenance of your system