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    Installed Base Capture & Analytics Services

    Service programs are coordinated service packages for a specific application. The portfolio items contained therein are seamlessly matched to each other and thus support optimal lifecycles of the products and systems used.

    The individual services of a service program can generally be implemented independent of one another. However, the offers can only achieve the maximum benefit if they are applied in combination.

    The "Installed Base Capture & Analytics Services" service program is used to analyze and evaluate the utilized automation and process instrumentation components and the system configuration. It combines several innovative, data-based service elements, which enable efficient data collection, comprehensive analysis as well as accurate assessment of the actual situation.

    "Installed Base Capture & Analytics Services" for automation components

    "Installed Base Capture & Analytics Services" for process instrumentation components

    Inventory Baseline Servicesprovides an efficient and standardized inventory of all installed automation components. This service utilizes innovative tools and methods to detect installed components and thereby forms a reliable basis for implementation of other services.

    Based on the existing collected data, the Lifecycle Information Serviceregularly provides detailed lifecycle and service information about installed components. This can minimize the risk of functional obsolescence on the product level, increase the service capability and improve the planning for ongoing maintenance - financially as well. 

    SIMATIC System Audit provides detailed insight into the quality of the system configuration, and analysis and evaluation of the system status with a focus on the service and upgrade capability.  Furthermore, SIMATIC System Audit can be used to support planning of upcoming modernization projects with specific recommendations.  SIMATIC System Audit can be used both for physically real systems as well as virtual systems.

    SIMATIC System Audit can be used both for physically real systems as well as virtual systems.

    Efficient spare parts management is required to ensure high availability of a plant. Asset Optimization Services uses a structured and systematic approach for the integrated supply of spare parts based on three criteria:
    1. Plant availability
    2. Capital investment
    3. Delivery reliability

    Calibration Services for process instruments ensures maximum precision and quality standards. It is available as "on-site" calibration/verification or as factory calibration, depending on the devices to be tested.


    In sum, the individual services presented here also create an ideal foundation for reaching a lifecycle service contract . A modular Lifecycle Service Contract can be formed by the individual contract parameters that are available as options and aimed at the following business objectives:

    • Long-term investment protection

    • Optimization of plant availability

    • Transparent, predictable modernization and maintenance costs

    Your benefits

    Precise knowledge of the product/system status provides...

    • Preventive maintenance and efficient spare parts management
    • Early identification of the need for action
    • Reduced risks and therefore improved service capability

    ...and ultimately a significant increase in system availability with predictable maintenance costs.

    Proceed as follows

    Are you interested in these services, individually or bundled as a long-term service contract? Then get in touch with your Siemens representive. Our representative will be happy to assist you and provide you with detailed information. 

    You can also obtain more information about these service modules and the process online:

    SIMATIC Inventory Baseline Services 
    Lifecycle Information Service  
    SIMATIC System Audit 
    Asset Optimization Services 
    SIMATIC PCS 7 Lifecycle 
    Calibration Services for Process Instrumentation 

    You can find technical information (manuals, FAQs, product announcements etc.) atProduct Support.