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    Spare parts packages for converters

    The following spare parts packages are available for converters:

    • Customized spare parts packages for low and medium voltage converters, individually tailored to the customer's system and perfectly matched to the operational phases.

    Increased plant availability thanks to spare parts packages stored on site

    Especially in the low and medium voltage ranges, converters are often an integral part of the main system components. Their dependability is essential for reliable plant operation. Optimum availability of spare parts is an equally important factor in minimizing downtimes.

    Siemens offers not only individual spare parts but also complete spare parts packages. The scope and contents of the packages are based on our extensive development and service experience, and they are put together on the basis of device-specific parameters. The spare parts packages minimize the risk of failure.

    Predefined/individual spare parts packages for Siemens converters:

    Siemens spare parts packages help to shorten downtimes caused by the malfunction of electric current converters, because, if a fault occurs, spare parts do not have to be ordered - they are already on site. This increases the availability not only of the drive units but also of the entire system, and also minimizes the duration of repair work - using spare parts of proven Siemens quality.

    Proceed as follows

    You can identify the individual components in the spare parts packages with our Spares On Web information tool. Here you will find comprehensive information about spare parts for almost all current Siemens converters. To release the order it is sufficient to quote the Siemens order number and the associated serial number.

    • Online database with information on spare parts and spare parts packages: Spares on Web
    • Link to the spare spare parts packages for converters in the Industry-Mall: Industry-Mall 

    You can obtain more detailed information and assistance from your local Siemens partner.

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