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    Motor Efficiency Optimization

    Motor failure is inevitable. When a motor fails it would be a great opportunity to use new efficiency techniques as part of overhaul and rewind.  With a short payback period the efficiency upgrade will be an easy choice for the customer.

    So that we offer added value to our customers, we have developed measures to improve efficiency, particularly in older AC motors renovated or repaired in a Siemens workshop that cause repeated unscheduled downtime.

    The decisive factor for the most efficient use of energy is in reducing the energy consumption to the real demand of the application. The path to this is via a comprehensive bundle of measures. For this purpose

    By using innovative materials during the rewinding process, along with more efficient motor components such as fans and bearings, we have seen a reduction in energy losses of up to 3 percent.

    Siemens Industry offers the entire support for this, including qualified advice, engineering and project management through motor specialists with many years of experience from almost every branches of industry. This saves time and minimizes the project-related personal commitment in the company.

    Your benefit

    The advantages of a qualified Optimization Efficiency for motors by Siemens can be impressively quantified from experience on numerous projects:

    • Maximize Energy Efficiency. Efficient use of energy through Optimization of Three-phase induction motors

    • Optimize efficiency of expenditures. Adjusting the energy expenditure to the specific requirement of the application

    • Low investment volume. Investment volume lower than the purchase and installation of a new energy-saving motor.

    Proceed as follows

    Are you interested in this service? If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person.They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service