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    Remote Systems as Managed Appliance

    Professional maintenance of the service infrastructure

    Service programs are a combination of compatible service offerings for a specific application. The contained service portfolio elements match and complement each other, to support and enhance the lifecycle of the used components and systems. Single service portfolio elements of a service program can also be used independently. However, the greatest benefit can be achieved only in combination of those.

    In addition to servicing of the hardware platform, the crucial factor in reduction of lifecycle costs is the preventive maintenance of the installed software components. Introduction of IT technologies in industrial plants calls for innovative and holistic software service concepts.

    The service program “Managed Appliances” meets these demands, in particular by offering services, delivery as well as the complete IT infrastructure and fast technical support all from a single source. It combines virtual environments with Managed Support and Remote Services – a holistic complete service solution directly at your plant site as a “private cloud”.

    The heart of this service program is a powerful IT infrastructure which enables various complex applications cases in a service environment.

    We are taking care of your “private cloud”. If required, Siemens service engineers can use an own remote access to the hardware and the virtual system via the Siemens-own Remote Service Platform (cRSP).  The platform can be used to maintain, optimize and upgrade the automation system during ongoing operation. All remote service connections to the system are at all times isolated from your sensible application data and generally do not allow access to other, interconnected systems.

    SIMATIC Virtualization as a Service in combination with SINEMA Remote Connect Server is a complete ready-to-run system.  The server application SINEMA Remote Connect is already pre-installed on the host server. A virtualized system enables you to run various applications parallel on a mutual hardware platform. Therefore you can install your own automation software as well on the same virtualized hardware platform.

    SINEMA Remote Connect provides secure management of tunnel connections (VPN) between headquarters, service technicians and installed machines or plants. The service technician and the machine to be serviced establish separate connections to the SINEMA Remote Connect, which identifies the participants by exchanging certificates. Only then a remote access to the machine can be granted. This makes it possible to remotely access widespread machines or plants even if they are part of third-party networks, for example at end-customers of machine manufacturers.

    SIMATIC Remote Services allow for secure and efficient support based on a highly available “common Remote Service Platform” (cRSP) owned by Siemens. Remote desktop support, as a part of the “Reactive” service module, is a basis for fast troubleshooting – the Siemens system specialist has a direct insight into the virtualized system and can thus assist promptly. Additionally, he can also support the service technician on site.

    Managed Support Services bundle and coordinate all support activities related to the virtualized host system. A dedicated Siemens support manager is familiar with all installed system components and involved in your maintenance processes – as a central contact person he is in charge of information flow, contact to all relevant parties as well as support and assistance in close cooperation with you.


    Your benefits

    We provide a comprehensive service offering, configurable just as you need it to handle your service requirements fast and efficiently! All you need is appropriate SCALANCE router on site and the access to the machines or plants for your service technicians.

    • A complete innovative solution that allows you to keep control of your service processes at all times, without having to take care of operation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure

    • Providing and ensuring extensive technical expertise for operation of the infrastructure as well as support for your service engineers in maintenance and care of the automation system

    Proceed as follows

    Are you interested in these service offerings? So please get in touch with your regional Siemens Contact Person. Our representative will be happy to assist you and provide detailed information on the topic.

    Further information

    You can also find more information to all these service modules online:

    Technical information as well as manuals, FAQs, product notes, etc. can be found in the Product Support online (for registered users).

    Remote Systems as Managed Appliance