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    Converter – DYNAVERT I

    Retrofit for DYNAVERT I

    As a result of the age of the DYNAVERT I converters, the supply of spare parts is already restricted. If a failure occurs, it is possible that plant downtimes will not be able to be immediately resolved. That’s why Siemens recommends to replace the older DYNAVERT I model series I00-I02 by products from the newer DYNAVERT I series.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • In most cases, existing motors (including the cabling) can still be used

    • Modifications on the plant side are minimized

    • The transformer can be kept

    • The system response does not change

    • Retrofit work can be reduced by up to 3 workdays (including removal/installation and commissioning)

    Proceed as follows

    Your Siemens Contact Person will be happy to answer your questions regarding these services.