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    SIMATIC Software Platform as a Service

    Temporary development and test environment for SIMATIC-based control systems


    Increasingly shorter innovation and development cycles demand more flexible and cost-effective software development environments, particularly during the engineering, test, and commissioning phases.

    SIMATIC Software Platform as as Service offers a cloud-based IT infrastructure with pre-installed and pre-configured SIMATIC engineering software.

    The engineering environment lends itself to short-term, time-limited, and consequently flexible use.

    The full potential of these features unfolds between the start of engineering and the time of commissioning. This is when high demand for additional engineering infrastructures may arise at short notice, even if only for a limited time. Additionally, it is possible to use this cloud solution for multi-project and multi-user engineering.


    Other application scenarios

    Software migration and upgrades
    Benefit from the centrally available software on demand, for modernization and updates of the SIMATIC applications, even over several software versions.

    Operator Training Systems (OTS)
    Plant operators and plant engineers can be trained efficiently using OTS. By using SIMATIC Software Platform as a Service, training can take place precisely where the staff requiring training are located. It also provides an ideal basis for web-based training, especially if the course participants need to be trained at the same time but at different sites.

    With the appropriate simulation software, it is possible to achieve the full simulation of process engineering models.

    Your benefits

    The availability of a standardized test and development environment considerably lowers the costs of installing and configuring infrastructure

    The flexible use of distributed engineering resources enables multi-site, multi-project, and multi-user engineering

    A demand-based price model reduces investment costs down to actual use

    SIMATIC Software Platform as a Service


    Further information

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