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Retrofit for Gear Units

The modernization of gear units – also called retrofit – forms an essential part in their product lifecycle.

Siemens offers comprehensive retrofit options for Flender and third-party gear units. These options vary from simple parameter modifications right up to complex retrofit projects. With retrofit, the maintenance effort increasing with the advanced lifecycle can be reduced and the availability of the plant can be increased again.

Siemens′ Retrofit for Gear Units portfolio includes:

  • Replacement with state-of-the-art product where the best suitable gear unit is selected from the current product range to replace obsolete equipment

  • Modification of parameters is an optimal choice in case the existing gear unit has to be modified to fit with a new working machine. Here, for example, a gear unit ratio, torque or shaft dimensions  can be modified depending on the specific requirements

  • One-to-one replacement where older gear units can be identically reconstructed if needed

Your benefits with Retrofit for Gear Units

  • Increased equipment availability

  • Improved spare parts availability

  • Less maintenance effort for advanced product lifecycle

  • Lower down time risks

  • reduced unplanned standstill times

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