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    Remote Services for Process Instrumentation

    Remote Services secure greater flexibility, efficiency and productivity

    As technology-based services, Remote Assisted Collaboration or Desktop Sharing can be used in all lifecycle phases, from engineering and commissioning to maintenance.

    Remote Services – in every phase of the lifecycle

    The engineering, commissioning and maintenance of automation systems require a considerable expenditure of both time and personnel, regardless of whether it takes place within or outside of explosion risk areas. Precisely these service activities can be optimally supported or even performed by remote access using modern and effective communication media. In this regard, it is extremely important to ensure compliance with the growing requirements for IT security and the traceability of remotely delivered services.

    With our offering of platform-based remote services, our customers can access the centrally available know-how of the product manufacturer from anywhere in the world, at any time.

    Engineering, commissioning and maintenance of automation systems can optimally be supported and carried out via remote access through the use of modern and powerful communication media. Thanks to our offer of platform based Remote Services, our customers can access the centrally available knowledge base of the manufacturer anytime worldwide.

    Remote Assisted Collaboration

    • No direct connection to the site equipment
    • Mobile equipment
    • Training on the job
    • Connection to the devices via HART adapter (only for PDM in PI)
    • Ecrypted end-to-end communication

    Remote Desktop Sharing

    • Permanent connection to the site via cRSP
    • High availability
    • Every Siemens expert could access and support at any time via cRSP
    • Encrypted end-to-end communication

    cRSP functions and benefits

    • A graduated security and access concept

    • Secure and monitored communication

    • The reduction of administrative expenses thanks to the centralized administration of all system accesses

    • Centralized monitoring, logging and reporting of remote accesses, with continuous monitoring by the customer

    • Absence of feedback effects thanks to the separation of the different networks (DMZ)

    • Compatibility with general industrial security concepts

    • Certification under ISO27001 / CERT

    The Customer Web Portal – an optional extension of the cRSP – allows the customer to centrally manage all accesses.

    SIPIX SD – Siemens Process Industry Expert Service Devices


    Desktop sharing
    • Remote control of SIPIX SD by an expert

    • Compliance with current industrial security standards

    • Reporting of remote sessions via logging and audit trail reports

    • File transfer functionality for data sharing

    • Multiple experts can access one SIPIX SD at the same time

     Assisted collaboration
    • Video collaboration enables an expert to guide the service technician

    • Independent VPN channel for desktop sharing session

    • Audio/voice transmission is possible without using a mobile phone

    • Enhancement with data glasses

    • Live chat with more communication features

    • YouTube video share


    The benefits for your plant


    If necessary, the project engineer can quickly consult a Siemens expert on the subject of a specific problem and jointly solve it with him on the same screen. The Siemens expert also has the option of guiding the project engineer through the engineering tool and even makes entries himself.


    Devices that have already been installed mechanically are not yet connected to the overall control system. In addition, networks for communicating with the outside world are often not available.
    This is where our Remote Assisted Collaboration approach pays off. This infrastructure based on the SIPIX SD tablet allows for many communication options.


    In most cases, maintenance is generally performed on the device on site and in its installed condition. This makes it particularly difficult to consult outside experts in the maintenance phase. Also in these cases, Remote Assisted Collaboration based on SIPIX SD offers many ways for a Siemens expert to provide technical support.

    Benefits from Remote Services

    Sustainable The fast and worldwide availability of expert know-how is ensured in the long term 
    Secure  The entire remote infrastructure is based on proven IT security concepts for the industry  

    Innovative  By using proven industry service tools and state-of-the-art collaboration software, you benefit  from an innovative service concept 

    Video: SIPIX SD - Remote Collaboration

    Are you interested in Remote Services?

    If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service.


    Further information

    • To complete the service price depending on configuration, please refer to the PIA Selector(Internet)