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    Energy Analytics


    Are you looking to optimize your energy costs?

    With Energy Analytics from Siemens, you can easily and cost-effectively take your energy data management to the next level. Experts from Siemens can assist you to create valuable reports and reveal hidden saving potentials without tying up your time and resources.

    Our offer includes:

    • Energy App

    • Energy Analytics Portal                                                     

    • Additional tags: 10, 50, 100

    • Energy Efficiency Analysis

    • Dashboard/Report Customization

    • Weather Normalization

    Your Benefits:

    • Cloud –based management service requires minimal amount of your resources

    • Transparency on your energy consumption and KPIs

    • Identification of hidden energy saving potential

    • Automated reports to be viewed by and shared with your team and management in your web portal – anytime, anywhere

    • Use of Siemens expert know-how on data analytics

    • Supports fulfillment of regulatory requirements (energy statistics, ISO50001 reporting)

    Proceed as Follows

    Are you interested in this service? If you are, contact your Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service.

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