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    Industrial Network Validation


    "Industry networks are crucial capital assets"

    Operational procedures within the industry are getting more & more digital and continuous throughout all levels. At the same time the data amount increases with high-speed. Hence it’s obvious: Communication networks are crucial more than ever – and absolutely indispensable for the competitiveness in dynamic markets.

    Moreover, it’s not only about implementing state-of-the-art Ethernet solutions for a secure, future-proof and flexible communication. In order to get the maximum output of todays industrial networks, there is a need of a competent & reliable support – from a partner with comprehensive technological know-how for planning and implementation – to be prepared for the requirements of tomorrow. Exactly that kind of support you’ll get from Siemens.

    Typical customers drivers are:

    • Securing of the productivity through a high availability of the plant network
    • Reducing of downtimes
    • Early awareness of call for action to increase the system availability
    • Transparency of existing communication reserves to be capable for planning plant extensions
    • Getting future-proof for Industry 4.0 challenges  

    Service offers

    The Service Portfolio Element Industrial Network Validation consists of the offers validation for PROFINET, validation for PROFIBUS-DP and the service box for PROFINET validation. Further options for PROFINET and PROFIBUS-DP are available.


       1) All validation for PROFINET networks are based on the BANY-Agent service box

    Scope of Delivery

    Our entire scope of validation includes the following:


    Scope of delivery


     Standard / OptionPROFINETPROFIBUS-DP 

     Network design and planning check (offsite / onsite on 
     customer request)    

     02 Visual check of network cables and devices (onsite, offline*)  Standardxx
     03 Physical check of the network structure (onsite, online, facility
     in standstill)
     04 Data check (onsite, online, facility in standstill) Standardxx
     05 Data stress check (onsite, online, facility in standstill) Standardx-


     Validation report (offsite)

     07 Option Validation consulting (HQ to the region or to OEM /
     End customer)
     08 Option Complete cable and device check (onsite, offline*) Optionxx
     09 Option Media Redundancy Protocol check (MRP) (onsite,
     online, facility in standstill)
     10 Option Offline data stress check (onsite, offline*) Optionx-

                                                                                                                                              *offline = without facility CPU


    In addition, various tools are required for carrying out validation, see table: