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    Technical Support

    Siemens Technical Support Services provide you with comprehensive support direct from the product manufacturer. Our Siemens experts will help you overcome challenges such as the following:

    • How can I get support quickly if I have a problem?
    • How can I get help in a foreign-language environment?

    • How can I get help for my older installed base?


    Technical support at a glance

    Our offering is subdivided into support services tailored to different requirements.

    Do you have a technical question?

    Use the online Support Request form for specific proposed solutions and send your question direct to a product specialist in Technical Support.

    For questions about authorization or licenses, use the online Support Request form with the “Licensing / Authorization” option. This will give you a simplified initial selection of our product lines and products for license questions.


    Basic support via regional hotlines

    • Available in the local language

    • Response times depending on the availability of specialists

    • Knowledge of the local installed base and the corresponding industry portfolio

    Click here, to search for local contacts.  


    Premium Services

    To ensure easy access to these services and convenient payment, the Siemens Industry Service Card (SISC) offers a combination of technical support services for all questions relating to Siemens Industry products and systems. 

    Premium Technical Support services via the Service Card

    PriorityPriority Call-back
    Priority call-back with short response times
    ExtendedTechnical Support Extended
    Expert support for complex service requests
    Available round the clock from Monday to Friday
    Mature ProductsMature Products
    Expert support for discontinued products




    Global hubs for Premium Hotline Support

     Headquarters Germany +49 (911) 895 7222
     Hub America USA +1 (800) 333 7421
     Hub Asia China +86 (10) 6475 7575

    Our offering

    Access to expert know-how via your local hotline for all questions relating to Siemens Industry products, systems and services.

    • 1 hour basic support free of charge, available 24/5
    • 1 hour support for more complex requests
    • Priority Call-back - Quick call-back
    • Support for discontinued products
    • Interface to Remote Support Services and on-site service

    Further information about the SIEMENS Industry Service Card (SISC) can be found here.

    Your benefits

    Tech Support Premium Services provide you with rapid-response support from our experts. Your case takes top priority for us. Which means that requests relating to discontinued products and complex technical subjects that take longer to deal with are handled by us round the clock from Monday to Friday.


    Your Siemens contact person will be happy to answer any questions about Technical Support Services.

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