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    Siemens Industry Service Card

    The Siemens Industry Service Card (SISC) is the method of payment for the following technical support services:

    Service Card Priority
    Service Card Premium
     Service Card - PriorityService Card - Premium 

    With the Service Card - Priority the following service can be obtained per case:

    With the Service Card - Premium the following services can be obtained per case *:

    • Priority call-back

    • Mo. – Fr. during business hours

    • Priority call-back - prompt call-back

    • Extended Technical Support

    • Mature Product Support

    • Mo. – Fr. around the clock (24/5)

    Get the benefit to receive prioritize call-back from the next free available expert at Technical Supports during business hours (Monday to Friday). Get the benefit to receive prioritize call-back from the next free available expert at Technical Supports during business hours (Monday to Friday). Additionally you can get one additional hour Technical-Support-Extended or Support for Mature Products.

    * Depending on the service scope offered by the respective Technical Support.

    Services packages

    The basic support includes - within the office hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) - one hour technical support for free and is being considered as the first hour of a Support Request (SR). The call-back time is being provided respectively to the availability.

    Following the one hour basic support, you can utilize subsequent service packages with the Service Card Priority or the Service Card Premium.

    Priority call-back – prompt call-back

    "Priority" means a prompt call-back by the next available specialist, usually within a few minutes. To ensure a quick call-back, "Priority" can only be requested by phone.

    Extended technical support

    Fore more complex requests that require specific support to find and resolve causes. The service specialists employed by Siemens have comprehensive know-how in the areas of engineering, plant commissioning and system tests.

    Examples and solutions:

    • Configuration of a system migration  

    • Configuration check/health check and analysis of possible incompatibilities of the installed software tools

    • Reproduction of the plant/system behavior 

    • Commissioning support

      • Investigation of problems in the user software

      • Detailed examination of automation projects

      • Analysis of scripts, bus protocols, complex database access

      • Customer-specific examples during commissioning

      • Step-by-step support for introduction to the product


    Mature product support

    Requests regarding discontinued products and products that have been replaced by new versions are handled by experienced experts.

    In order to be able to offer you these services, we invest in technical resources (know-how, hardware, software, etc.) and a dedicated and purposeful infrastructure. For this reason, the support of legacy products is an additional service provided by Technical Support for a fee within the framework of the "Mature Products" service.

    Please also note that development support for these products may no longer be available. However, our network of experts has been able to resolve 99% of all legacy product inquiries.

    24/5 – availability around the clock

    Technical support "24h" or "24/5" refers to a service that enables you to contact Technical Support in your region on working days (Mon - Fri), 24 hours a day. If you use this service on working days (Mon. - Fri.) outside normal office hours, that is outside of 8 a.m.of - 5 p.m., the costs will be charged via the Service Card. At that time, you can reach the hubs of America or Asia. The service will then be in English.

    Key advantages of the Siemens Industry Service Card

    • Fast and comprehensive expert support during engineering, commissioning, operation and modernization phases

    • Prepaid support at fixed price with flexible combination of services

    • Simple ordering per MLFB

    • Fast and prioritized call-back world-wide

    • High planning security and optimized engineering effort

    • Maximum implementation reliability and fast commissioning

    • Improved availability of machinery and plants

    Follow the Sun

    Thanks to its global setup, it is possible to get support

    around the clock. Our three Technical Support Hubs secure a 24 hours availability on working days. Customers located at different time zones can benefit as well from the local availability of these hubs.

    Technical Support Hotline 

    Service Card Process – how it works

    This simple diagram shows you how the Service Card is activated and its usability.

     1. Order  Siemens Industry Mall

    Siemens Industry Mall or Samhammer Shop 



    2. Activation & Status


    Service Card Management 


    3. Usage  
    Technical Support

    Headquarter: Germany
    Hub America: USA
    Hub Asia: China



    Proceed as follows

    *Customer must not be registered on any SIEMENS customer data base and can pay with credit card or through other electronic payment platforms. The Service Card data is forwarded per Email for immediate use. 

    The Service Card is available with 1, 5 or 10 cases. Please find following related MLFB (article number):

    Siemens Industry Service CardMLFB (article number)

    Priority card - 1 Case 


    Priority card - 5 Cases 


    Priority card - 10 Cases 


    Premium card - 1 Case 


    Premium card - 5 Cases


    Premium card - 10 Cases 


    Validity period and Terms and Conditions for Delivery

    The service card is valid for 36 months from the order date. The three-year validity is released for all existing service cards. Activation of the service card is used to activate the PIN.

    For customers with a seat or registered office in Germany, the following terms and conditions apply:   "Supplementary Terms and Conditions for Services („BL“)" and the “General Conditions for the Supply of Products and Services of the Electrical and Electronics Industry”. For customers with a seat or registered office outside of Germany, the “International Terms & Conditions for Services” apply.

    Further information

    • Service Card Management

    • In order to be update in terms of the current status of the Automation Value Card (AVC) as predecessor of the Service Card, please access to the following webpage: AVC


    Your Siemens Contact Person is happy to answer questions on the Siemens Industry Service Card.