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    Integral Plant Maintenance (IPM)


    To ensure that companies remain productive, plant and machinery must undergo continuous maintenance. Production facilities should be optimized and unscheduled downtimes avoided. Proactive maintenance therefore plays an increasingly important role. Integral Plant Maintenance is a comprehensive service program offered by Siemens Customer Services for the maintenance of plant and machinery. The aim of the program is to lower maintenance costs sustainably, better utilize a plant’s operational time, reduce life cycle costs, and improve its overall performance. Integral Plant Maintenance (IPM) helps to minimize unscheduled plant and machinery downtimes, increases plant availability, improves product quality, and ensures that investments in plant and machinery hold their value.

    Plant-specific asset management services help to avoid unscheduled downtime. These include, for example, servicing and maintenance contracts to support the maintenance of your operations,   maintenance management, and assuming responsibility for - as well as carrying out -  on-site maintenance. The long-term availability and reliability of plant and machinery are ensured with the aid of digital solutions in condition monitoring services, as well as through the use of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and mobile maintenance solutions.



    • Maintenance Consulting- efficiently utilizing the potential of your plant and machinery
      We provide you with consulting and support not only in identifying potential performance and cost improvements, but also in planning your maintenance processes efficiently and effectively

    • Plant Maintenance Services - cost-efficiently maximizing availability
      Our specialists provide you with support in all aspects of your maintenance activities. We take care of everything, from providing the necessary technical expertise right through to maintenance management and plant and machinery monitoring.

    • Maintenance Outsourcing- your maintenance in our hands

      With Siemens as your partner for plant and machinery asset management, we take care of the organization and completion of your maintenance work.

    Your benefits

    • Maximum availability thanks to the most technically advanced maintenance
    • Plant and machinery efficiency through a holistic assessment of all your technical and operational requirements, while also keeping in mind the strategic goals of your business
    • Transparency with regard to maintenance costs, and reliable budgets based on reporting and KPI analyses
    • Optimized TCO (total cost of ownership)
    • Monitoring of your plant and machinery to identify and resolve problems at an early stage
    • Flexibility in contracts and in service delivery
    • The highest industry standards for maintenance in respect of maintenance processes, the use of digital tools, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety
    • Peace of mind and a long-term partnership throughout the life cycle of your plant and machinery


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