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    Security Optimization

    Security Optimization

    means continuously operating, monitoring and updating the implemented security measures through our services.

    Security Optimization comprises:

    Industrial Anomaly Detection 

    Anomaly detection generates transparency, situation awareness and traceability in the plant network.

    Industrial Security Monitoring

    With Industrial Security Monitoring, it is possible to continuously monitor and analyze security-relevant information from industrial systems using an SIEM system.

    Remote Incident Handling

    Rapid response in the event of cyber security incidents in an automation system by means of remote support.

    Industrial Vulnerability Manager

    Proactive vulnerability management for manufacturers and operators of automation technology through the provision of relevant vulnerability information via the Industrial Vulnerability Manager     

    Patch Management 

    Patch Management of critical updates in Microsoft products for PCS 7, thereby simplifying the patch process in the system.

    Security Packages for SIMATIC

    Security Service Packages for SIMATIC support you in unleashing the full potential of your asset’s security level with tailored packages for SIMATIC automation systems.

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