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    NX Virtual Machine Tool Services

    increases the productivity of the production environment

    New technological possibilities and increasing requirements on workpiece geometry and quality lead to more complex part programs, which today are time-consuming and sometimes material-intensive on the real machine. This entails a high risk of damage and decreases productivity. With NX Virtual Machine Tool, Siemens provides a software solution to move unproductive and risky activities from the real machine to its digital twin. This keeps the real machine productive and new production orders can be implemented with reduced efforts and risks.

    In addition to the necessary software, machine users require machine-specific datasets, the machine kits. These machine kits include the virtual image of the real machine tool and must be built up individually for every machine. Machine users today receive the machine kits via the machine tool builder. If the machine tool builder doesn’t provide NX Virtual Machine Tool, we will offer an independent alternative.

    With NX Virtual Machine Tool Services for Users, we provide services to machine tool users. The first and most important step is the engineering service. Our technicians initially generate the machine kit from the machine data and complete it with a test on a customer reference part. The engineering is supplemented by service offerings for the implementation of the software, qualification of employees and maintenance of the machine kit.

    With NX Virtual Machine Tool Services for Builders
    , we support machine tool builders to offer machine kits to their customers. This includes training and application support.

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