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    SINUMERIK Optimization Check

    Discover the optimization potential of your SINUMERIK

    Service description

    With an expert analysis of the NC-Archive and Auto Servo Tuning (AST) measurements, our service contributes to taking the productivity and workpiece quality to higher levels. The service is based on the extensive experience of Siemens Mechatronic Support and provides recommendations for an optimized machine parametrization.
    SINUMERIK Optimization Check - Mechanics provides a clear analysis of the mechanical properties of the machine.

    Our offer in detail

    Thanks to an extensive analysis of the NC-Archive and Auto Servo Tuning (AST) measurement, our service will respond to the requirements to take the productivity and workpiece quality to a higher level.

    SINUMERIK Optimization Check - Mechanics can provide a clear analysis of the mechanical properties of the machine.

    SINUMERIK Optimization Check:

    NC-Archive with machine configuration and data as well as AST-measurements and machine specific data are provided from the machine builder to the Siemens mechatronic team via a secure transfer platform. Based on the provided information, Siemens will analyze the data, by means of standardized tools, and generate a broad spectrum of optimization possibilities. The results are evaluated from an expert in machine tools mechatronics and reported to the customer. Afterwards, a remote meeting with the customer takes place to discuss the optimization possibilities. The analysis of mechanical properties of the machine (SINUMERIK Optimization Check-Mechanics) is optional and can be delivered if dedicated traces are sent.

    SINUMERIK Optimization Check – Mechanics:

    The service is based on a mechanical fingerprint created using AST and additional traces. With this service the mechanical quality of the machine can be asserted over time and machine wear can be detected early allowing for predictive maintenance. Once the fingerprint, that is a mechanical reference of the machine is available, a comparison with a new measurement after a desired timeframe, component exchange, or field service can be made in order to assert the mechanical quality of the machine and its components. A report with the results is generated and sent to and explained to the customer.

    Your benefits
    •  In 80% of all cases there is a potential for optimization of the drive parameters
    • More than 50 optimization possibilities exist to gain productivity and quality improvements

    • An increase in productivity of up to 16 % can be achieved 

    How to order

    Get a free pre-evaluation and find out your SIUMERIK optimization potential now!

    Take your productivity and workpiece quality to a higher level. Send us initial machine information on www.siemens.com/motioncontrolservices and our mechatronic expert will get in touch with you to perform pre-evaluation of your machine tool free of charge.

    Further information

    How to prepare the data for SINUMERIK Optimization Check:

    1. Please fill out the machine questionnaire “ Registrierung notwendig  Machine Form (34,1 KB)” with your machine information
    2. Follow the instructions on the document “  Manual (3,5 MB)” to generate InfoFile (.xml), NC Archive and frequency response measurements with AST
    3. Send us an email sinumerik-optimization-check.industry@siemens.com with your order information or if you have any questions and you will be contacted by Siemens for the next steps