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    Predictive Services for Drive Systems

    Optimizes maintenance and reduces downtime for drive systems

    Predictive Services for Drive Systems is an extension of the local service contract and offers a standardized option to support the required maintenance activities for SINAMICS and SIMOTICS drive systems by a Siemens expert with the help of a MindSphere application.

    The MindSphere application "Predictive Service Assistance" enables the incorporation of extended product information (e.g. spare parts, maintenance information) and the acquisition of additional status data (e.g. operating times, environmental conditions) of the drive systems as well as their combination using intelligent analysis algorithms (e.g. predictive maintenance messages). Within the conditions defined in the local service contract, the service technician can call up detailed information about the maintenance activities (e.g. required maintenance, spare parts required, and the assistant for execution). It is supported based on the current as well as the historical condition data and product information by means of digital assistant specifically with the planning, the preparation, as well as with the execution and documentation of the maintenance activities for attached drive systems.

    In addition, service experts can remotely support the efficient use of the MindSphere application and its data as part of "Predictive Service Assessment", for easy use as part of an expert training, for optimized configuration as part of expert support, and for analyzing the available data as part of an expert diagnosis.

    The benefits of Predictive Services for Drive Systems

    •  Transparency of required maintenance activities and replacement parts needed to minimize risks, using experts 
       and cloud-based service tools in MindSphere.
    • Increased productivity through optimized maintenance cycles and activities based on cloud-based analytics.
    • Improved maintenance efficiency and ordering processes using a MindSphere application.

    Further information

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