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    Closed Loop Analytics Services

    Improved operational effectiveness

    Service description 
    Typically, manufacturing processes are optimized with traditional measures and programs like Six Sigma, Total Quality Management and Lean Management. Closed Loop Analytics Services offers new insights in order to increase quality and performance to the next level. Identify, analyze and verify the most relevant use case as well as implement and operate the artificial intelligence solution. 


    Our offer in detail

    Making quality predictable

    An integral part of the service product concept is the customer value co-creation approach throughout the service offering. The holistic approach of Ideation, Scoping and Proof of Value helps to find the best solution for your specific problem with the means of data analytics and artificial intelligence:

    Ideation: Evaluation of individual opportunities and needs, as well as defining requirements for your production process and the quality in a one-day workshop. The most promising of the identified use cases is described for further analysis in detail.

    Scoping: It comprises the description of the previously selected use case from a data science perspective. In the context of a one-day workshop, relevant inputs and outputs for the machine learning model are discussed with a data scientist and summarized in a model matrix. This can now be filled and tested with a representative data set.

    Proof of Value: For a period of approximately three months, the feasibility is examined with a set of historical, customer-specific data. This is followed by a final report with detailed information on main problem areas, root cause analysis, systematic errors and recommendations for potential savings opportunities leveraging the machine learning model during operations.


    Your benefits
    • Quality prediction based on algorithm saves time consuming test scenarios
    • Increase of throughput and first pass yield based on operator recommendations
    • Reduce capital expenditure with virtual testing 

    How to order
    Are you interested in this service? If you are, contact your Siemens Contact Person. They will be glad to help and are available for more detailed information about this service. 

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