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    Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Services


    As industrial facilities are becoming more and more digitalized, the digital enterprise is already becoming reality. Data is continuously generated, processed, and analyzed and plant operators ask themselves:

    • How can I improve my Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?
    • What are the crucial KPIs I should monitor?
    • How can I implement intelligent algorithms? 


    Our offer 

    With Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Services our service experts provide you with individual concepts to detect and correct possible failures at an early stage – based on cutting edge technologies and algorithms. You also can detect unattainable potentials for improvements in your production and process environment.  

    Your benefits 
    • Early anomaly detection: Continuous data analysis enables early detection of anomalies in the production process which can then be predicted and solved before they become problems.
    • Identify improvement potentials: With trained artificial intelligence algorithms you can detect improvement potentials within your production process and save time and costs.
    • Plan maintenance more efficiently: Actively avoid unplanned production downtimes by aligning your maintenance and servicing activities according to actual needs.  


    Contact us! Our experts will work with you to develop the ideal analytics concept.  

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