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    Spare Parts Services

    The Spare Parts Services of Digital Enterprise Services secure the availability of spare parts and providing a reliable and fast supply worldwide. Individual spare parts packages and concepts ensure economical inventory management.  However:
    • How many parts should you stock?
    • How fast can the manufacturer deliver?
    • How long can you count on replacements for discontinued parts?


    Our offer

    Siemens stores genuine spare parts for up to ten years. For more detailed information go to Products and systems. Reliable logistics processes ensure that replacement components reach their destination as fast as possible.

    Furthermore, Siemens logistics experts take care of procurement, transport, custom clearance, storage and order management, planning and management of logistics processes as well as of returns management.

    Your benefits
    • Enhanced spare parts inventory with an optimized balance between your own stock and spares on demand

    • Minimized downtimes in emergency cases due to high spare parts availability and fast delivery options

    • Reduced costs due to shorter downtimes and less spare part assets


    Contact us! Our experts will work with you to create the optimal spare parts solution.  

    Further information
    •  Spares on Web
      Using Spares on Web, you can easily identify spare parts for our SINAMICS converters and SIMOTICS low-voltage motors.
             Exchanging, replacing or repairing parts? Siemens also offers you a comprehensive spectrum of services for all
             aspects of repairs.